Friday 21 October 2011

More Sparkles ~ Abha

You've already seen Abha's Lotus themed Diwali decor... The year before that, Abha had a ocean themed diwali.... I can't wait to see what she's planned for this year!! *smiles*

Last year when I was planning the Diwali decorations my 3 year old asked me if we could have a ocean themed diwali (he loves the ocean) and I was like why not. Of course everybody who visited us was stunned with the idea :-)

Living room: Since I couldn’t find any ocean themed cushion covers, I got some made with ocean animal motifs. Having a furnishings business helps :-) We put together candles and shells from our travels to create a candlescape.

Rangoli: I used glass paints to paint koi fishes on a tile and that became the focus point of our ‘rangoli’ which we created using karwas (small earthenware pots with cutwork).

Garden and Lighting: This was to be the focus area so Aryan and I picked up garden stakes and planters to go with the theme. We have windows along the entrance porch which Aryan decorated with ocean theme related stickers and foam cutouts – this was my favorite! And finally the lighting! We put it up like a wave along the garden wall to give an ocean effect!

And some more pictures... here...

Abha runs an online store for personalised kids furnishings and accessories.... the pipal... Do check them on facebook as well...

Are you joining in our linky party for November?? 'of spooks & sparkles'... *smiles*


  1. wow..this is very creative, beautiful and STUNNING:)

  2. Such lovely inspiration and ideas

    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  3. Your 3-year asks and you deliver:) What a fabulous Mom you are, absolutely beautiful decorations:)

  4. I love your decoration very much. Enjoy your weekend:)

  5. How beautiful...Am sure the photos do no justice....I must see them in real! Absolutely fantastic!

  6. continually I visited your blog looking for some news about this, and thanks to your wonderful work all the time I find just I need to know.


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