Thursday 8 March 2012

Madhuri Krishna

Happy International Women's day to you all... And on this occasion, on Colours Dekor today, is an amazing personality... A woman I truly admire... 

Madhuri Krishna

Madhuri Krishna is software professional and self taught artist, based in bay area, USA. She specializes in Art Design, Fine Art Drawing, Painting and Photography. She also designed various art websites, art magazine covers. She is interested in traditional Tanjore Art and Mysore paintings..... spends lot of time exploring different painting techniques, painting concepts....etc!  

She is an active volunteer/supporter of various non-profit organizations in Bay-Area, she is the art director for various dramas, dance and music performances. 

Inspired by Tanjore Art and Mysore painting Madhuri’s work have a very traditional, folk art feel to them.


Her paintings have been published in ISKCON children books and her art has been exhibited in various local exhibitions.

Her paintings were published in ISKCON children magic books ( or and her art work is exhibited in various Bay Area local exhibitions (Fine Arts League of Cupertino, Sunnyvale Library and Cupertino Library)

Her art work is recently published in one of the best Indian Artists site OfIndianOrigin as the Sunday Special article (Nov 21, 2010).

Volunteer work:She volunteered for teaching art techniques at Stocklmeir School, Collins Elementary School, MyDreamAcademy and Sarvaguna Learning Center.

She designed Kuchipudi Sammelenam Art website ( in 2008 for Silicon Andhra, and also she was the volunteer art director for Vancouver SaPaSa various music dance performances, designed art templates in 2002-2006 and for VedicYagna Center she designed website design in 1999.

Her little girls room... handpainted

Madhuri's hobby room...

.... Madhubani... 

Tanjore Art...

and.... a painting to give the living room a new look...

Now ... tell me... Doesn't she inspire you??!! Don't you admire her personality? I totally admire women who follow their hearts.... 

Oh.. and do you want to see more images of her child's room?? Be honest!! *wink*


  1. beautiful bright the kid's room.

  2. Really admiring creativity :)

  3. Loved the kids room - yup I do want to see more images! - so beautiful!

  4. Would luv to see and know more about the colours used in the kids room for painting!

  5. lovely home!!

  6. awesome


  7. loved the hand painted Kid's room.

  8. lovely art work by Madhuri and lovely post !! Managing a job, kid, family and art....only Women can !! Happy Women's Day !!

  9. Lovely paintings. Madhuri's really a super woman. Her kid's room is amazing with simple paintings.

  10. Somehow, I can't see the pics here :( Can u pls check?


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