Tuesday 27 March 2012

Wall Beauties...

Happy Wednesday...Continuing the post of those lovely Afgani pendants that my dear friends Harshi and Geeta, sent all the way from beautiful Dubai. As I had shared in my earlier  posts, some of them have become cherished neck pieces, some sewn on Indian kurtas, while others,...are mounted on Antique frames to become those wall beauties or Tabletop decor...I love them all...

... An Afgani village belle's hair adornment...

...a Neck pendant...the red silk brings out the brilliance in the red stones in the pendant...

...and the red silk brings out the red hues in the painting on the wall...

... another  neck pendant...

... three beautiful pendants mounted together...I love the soft pink stones on those pendants...they are gorgeous...would look gorgeous if sewn onto a raw silk baby pink kurta with some lovely chiffon pink dupatta with some silver gota and silver embroidery...will put it down for my next trip to India...:-) Yes, if we had those beautiful shops here, I would have made the kurta set by now...

Thats all for today. Hope you enjoyed the post.


  1. Really a fentastic idea!!!!!
    Beautiful wall hanging.

  2. what lovely pieces and look even more gorgeous being mounted on silk....lovely...

  3. An art than must be preserved! Love it. Pieces that could be a great inspiration to BRABBU..


  4. Beautiful Anpu... Love the idea of framing jewelry pieces... Love them all especially the frames (Love the little stand as well) you have selected go well with the pieces... !!! My fav is the neck pendant with the red background... !!

  5. Thanks everyone...glad you liked them...

  6. Anpu, these are absolutely stunning.

  7. Ohh wow this antique decor material is really fabulous and looks so classy and royal...It makes me remember the old times..Isn't it..
    These days this kind of decoration pieces are rarely available and if we need them, we have to shop online..This is the best way out..


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