Monday 12 March 2012

The Weekly Story ~ wk 71

Did you read my post on 'The Key Bunch' ... was a Women's Day special... The post is a little about me... and the responses were overwhelming... I've also read through all your emails... I'm touched!! I'm humbled... Thank you!! Thank you for coming to my little blog every other day... and making every minute I spend on this worthwhile... *smiles*... 

Now, Dubai is still enjoying the outdoor weather.... so last weekend.... the girlies and I had a 'pink picnic'.... 

And while, I'm talking about outdoors, I'd like to share a few expert tips from the ~ Home Centre

· Give a garden feel to your spacious balcony/veranda with a flourish of plants and flowers. If you are unable to take care of outdoor plants, opt for artificial foliage, some of which could pass off as authentic. Place them on either side of a seating arrangement or ends of the terrace for a streamlined look.

· For a more natural vibe, go for a variety of flowering and leafy plants with a range of different pots to give your outdoor space an organic look.

· Crates and wicker baskets make a great alternative for plant pots. The casual home-made style is the trend this season.

· Lanterns, hurricanes and candle holders in abundance light up your terrace d├ęcor – literally. Hang them asymmetrically at different heights to lend a creative touch.

· Opt for warmer light bulbs than bright, white lights.

· Fluff up your outdoor seats with a bunch of cushions to create a snug and welcoming mood. A throw can also be a perfect addition for a nippy winter evening.

· If you have tiles that look cold and hard, lay wooden flooring tiles for a warmer and softer look.

· Pebbles and stones can create a beachy outdoor feel.

I love pink... don't you?? Hope you enjoyed out little outing... Once we started... this place turned into a complete wreck.. I only show you the good pics... *smiles*...

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Weekly Story 71


  1. Thanks Patty. You and I go way back and I feel so lucky to call you a friend :-)

  2. Your pink party looks awesome.. pink and green n beige!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. quite a nice idea for a girly party!!

  5. ohhhhhhhhh!! I love the settings.. pink and green so spring! :)
    Want to drop by ur place for a cup of tea rt now..

  6. Lovely post that low chair...where is it from? love the cushions and the whole setting...very warm n welcoming.

  7. the pink set up looks so so lovely....and i am joining ur party :)

  8. The article @key bunch was just wonderful patty! Left a comments there.

  9. wow..awesome post


  10. Hi Patricia! I love your picnic corner, I'd love to read a book sitting there!
    Thanks for hosting the party.
    Greetings from Spain

  11. I really wish my friend do this for me hihi.
    nice great post thumbs up

  12. awww...Now I know what you were talking about...such a lovely-lively outdoor setting.

  13. Thanks for the gardening tips dear.

  14. Nice pink cushions on a green background...looks inviting!


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