Wednesday 21 March 2012

Billu Barber ki petti...

Need a  Chumpi...or a Tel Malish (Head massage with some fragrant oils)...Call Billu Barberwalla on his mobile at 9865700011...and I promise, you will get the best of Malishes... or how about a haircut?...You can take your pick - a Plain one for Rs  10/- or a Sharukh Khan haircut for Rs 15/- about a Bachan haircut for Rs 15/-...

I came across this cute wooden box, the other day at a store closeby. It was a Barber box! Something similar to what, I have seen in the gaalis of Bombay, at  Crawford market or at Bhuleshwar,... men wearing  pyjama-shirt, sitting on bent knees, doing a tel malish or a Chumpi or... sharpening the blade to clean the dhadi or... trim the moustache,...or rolling cotton around wooden thin sticks to clean the ears or wait...clean the nose!

The box was mottled green in old one with paint chipped off. Filled up some of the gaps with putty, sanded the wood smooth and painted it with some red color and those details that  we have always seen  on the barber boxes...

I love Irfan Khan...what better than to name the barber box on his movie name...Billu Barber...

And yes we wanted our Billu Barber's favorite movies on the box...

So what do want  done?...

We have Hindi translation too....Tel malish!! Tel malish!!...

Ok you  want to see your face? the box opens to display a mirror...

I plan to keep some jewelry, some pins, some haldi can actually put your tikka properly...not in angles!

Again, it is Billu Barberwalla at 9865700011......Tel Malish!!...Tel Malish ...

Hope you enjoyed the Tel malish and the haircut....
Adious and have a fabulous week


  1. Woww this is really a cute box n we can't see such billubarber boxes now-a-days dam unique!!

  2. a really quirky box!!

  3. this post was wayyyy tooo cool! good going, anpu! :)

  4. Lovely post Anpu, great find!

  5. ha ha ha ha .... very interesting !!

  6. AH!! HA HA HA. Will Billu Barber please come over to PA? Thanks for such a fun article.


  7. Thanks girls...don't miss the tel Malish this weekend..

  8. perfectly done box..nice.u r really talented n nice work...wish u many more....

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