Saturday 24 March 2012

360 deg tour Lucerne

We stayed in Switzerland for two weeks and just loved the place. You could sit on a train in Geneva and you’d arrive into Zurich in about two hours... that covers the whole of Switzerland (nearly!!). I was so impressed by everything.

Most of our time we spent at small road side cafes… or benches by the lake or on top of the mountains.. just sitting and chatting. It was such a lovely holiday.

This is the first post on Switzerland…
Mount Pilatus is a perfect peak for just about everyone. Here you can see the worlds steepest cogwheel railway. The travel around Mount Pilatus starts by boat, then the worlds steepest cogwheel railway, aerial cableway and then the gondola cableway. A memorable round trip indeed.

The views are panoramic… you can see the lake of Central Switzerland and the Alps.

There are lovely restaurants and you can choose from any international cuisine. We sat there for a long time… I had hot chocholate… and it was amazing!

Finally coming down the aerial cableway is a fantastic finale to the whole trip. After this you take the gondola down to Kriens. From here you take bus no. 1 back to Lucerne is 15 mins.

Switzerland is just lovely!! A place anyone could fall in love with instantly.....


  1. I love how you've been to all these places and you know so much about them...makes me want to go too!

  2. The cablecar ride looks fantastic. I am not a fan of heights but with views like this, the trip would have to be a must.

  3. Beautiful...both place and the post.

  4. This place is on my wish list ,,maybe some day :) wish ya happy week ahead,,,

  5. Beautiful pics... and Lovely post, Patty !!

  6. I love those clocks! The views are lovely.

  7. We have plans to visit Switzerland this summer...hopefully it will materialise.

    YOu got some lovely pictures!

  8. I love your travel stories. They make the places come alive. It is a travelogue as well as an honest piece of writing because you give all these little helpful hints if somebody else plans a trip. Great writing.



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