Wednesday 23 May 2012

Garden Party ~ 2

And like I said.... I open up my  box of old decorations and place them all over the place... Here are some banners...

This one we used a few years ago for Sims pool party... but its my favourite...

some cup cakes...

and butterflies and curlies...

and finally we put together... the centre piece...

... and you know about the ladybirds.. that we used on the tables?

This is how the tables were setup for the little ones....

And finally... we got Yva an ice-cream cake this year.... What do you think?

And till next year.... no more pictures of birthday parties.. I promise... lol!!


  1. Again a inspiring post from ur blog,,.:)

  2. ABSOLUTELY loved this post and the ice cream cake looks scrumptious!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Yvonne! I love how you plan your girls parties. I'll be needing tips as E grows....totally lost in this dept.

  4. Lovely lovely partyyyy i wonder how u get such a brilliant makeover for partiesss......Superrrrrr


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