Thursday 10 May 2012

Sweets for my sweet

Talking about 'Made with Love'... this is what I put together for my little girls 7th birthday in March... I simply love decorating every corner of my home... and if its topped with chocolate or goodies... then its a win win situation... *smiles*

... what do you think of these little picks?? You know I love colours...

Cup cakes were made and decorated by my girlies and their friends..

Here is Yva and her best friend Paavani decorating the cup cakes... I love involving the kids...

Don't you think they've done a fabulous job?

Oh.. and I got this new chair... so I simply had to use it... *smiles*

And since it was a garden theme party... here is a little blue water can...

Oh.. and I converted my chai glasses to lollypop holders... I sure hope you liked this attempt of mine... I was totally running out of time.. and gathered everything around the house to put this together..

And now that you are here... don't forget to join our Monthly 'Made with Love' party.. I'm linking this too.. *smiles*


  1. love your idea of decoration. pretty, cute and absolutely original. I wonder how you think of such practical yet fascinating ideas?

  2. super awesome..loved every bit...and the girls are great bakers :)) loved their sprinkle cupcakes

  3. wow that is such a lovely party deco..i love the banner and all the vibrant colors..very innovative and kid friendly :)
    thank you so much for your wonderful comments..they mean a lot..

  4. Luved the decor nd everything,,,super cute,,

  5. Great to see more pics from the party... Love the colorful garden theme... The cake stand and the cup cakes look soo cute... !!! Lovely, patty !!!

    Love the cute littl' garden can - That was a lovely addition !!

    Oh ! Those colorful candies, marshmallows , jellies look ssoo delicious... !!

  6. That was indeed a yummilicious party! I especially loved your little chair and the bench and the watering can and the chai glasses...guess everything!

  7. Simply superb decorationssss

  8. Looks really good Patty. Especially the colorful lantern banner and all the little touches. Kudos.

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