Wednesday 2 May 2012

Makeover on a Budget

Do you know that Home Centre is conducting its second session of makeovers starting 2nd April? I'm so excited... I can't wait to see the before and afters they come up with this time... and above all the small expert tips... that I often try and incorporate in my ideas.... Just to let you know that I am not compensated in anyway for promoting them, however, Home Centre is one of my favourite stores in Dubai... and I'd love to share the treasure that I often find in some hidden aisle... *smiles* 

And now, over to the experts at Home Centre... 

Are you stuck with the same living room and find the wallpaper and drapes a mundane drag? Of course you are blaming your tight purse strings for it!

The good news is – you don’t have to let your limited means curtail your vision of a wonderful home. Home Centre provides affordable yet elegant options to furnish your apartment without causing a strain on your budget.

Bedroom Before

  • While furnishing a home on a budget, concentrate on value furniture but splurge on a statement accessory that can add the ‘wow’ effect. A dazzling candle-stand or vase, a treasured painting, a trendy chaise can make for appealing additions. 
  • Paints are one of the most cost-effective ways of livening up a room. An accent wall can refresh a room without costing you too much. Wallpapers are another easy & hassle free solution that adds character to a wall. 
  • Artwork often livens up the style of a room – and it need not be an expensive collectible art piece. You can create your own artwork and make it work to your advantage. Different shapes and sizes of mirrors can work wonders as wall art.

Bedroom After
And now for the second round of tips.... 

Living space Before

  • Sometimes an oversized item can also do the trick. You can pick from a variety of options including distinct furniture pieces, a large statue, an ornate lamp or a giant chandelier suspended from a high wall. Investing in that one piece will give your room a new meaning. 
  • Indoor plants, easily available at nominal prices, can act as a mood enhancer in a room. 
  • A sofa often anchors the room. So why not try getting a new slip cover for your lounge? Pick a neutral shade and accessories it with cushions in seasonal colours. 
  • Another not only does feng shui say it, but cut out the clutter and see how your room can look refreshed and clean. Urban styled boxes, wicker baskets or smart storage solutions go a long way in de-cluttering your room.

Flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales and auctions are perfect places to find vintage or gently-used furnishings that add remarkable statements to your room. Home Centre is a strong believer in quick, simple and affordable home ideas. So whether it’s a quick makeover or an elaborate revamp you are planning for your home, you can be assured of outstanding value.

Hope you enjoyed reading these tips from the Home Centre Dubai experts. 


  1. useful an easy home decor ideas Patty..thank u for sharing :)

  2. i like the 1st makeover much better!!

  3. The given photos in this post are very inspiring! They can be of great help to those who are looking for designs and themes for their own homes. They will surely be delighted that they can create such cozy living spaces like the ones shown here and they do not have to spend much.


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