Thursday 3 May 2012

Googly Eyed bottle craft

Hello Thursday... Welcome to the weekend.. Yay! I'm reposting this craft today and linking into Arsty Craftsy Mom...

Well, this little craft came from school... I've modified it a little bit... and made it look like a give away bottle..  Would work perfectly as return gifts for birthday parties... with loads of candies, chocolates, sugared almonds, M&M, or any other coloured goodies.. in them.. 

All you need...
1. chart paper for bunny ears
2. cup cake base
3. used water bottle
4. glue
5. scissors

Cut the ears and colour them pink!! Make a small cut in the cup cake base. Stick the base of the ears in it, so that it stands...

Glue this to the cap of the water bottle and tie it up with a ribbon... if you like!!

Fill the bottle with lots of sweets... (like jelly beans... or sugar coated almonds)

Aren't these so cute to give away for a birthday party... to little kids? Plus you've recycled the water bottles... My girlies enjoying making them... *smiles*..

While we made these, I didn't have any jelly beans at home.. (its not what I keep at home..), so I've used the coloured pebbles lying around the house... 

Hope you like it.. and will check out the other entries.. at Artsy Craftsy Mom...


  1. :) Yay! thank you for linking in.. You can link in those stone lady bugs. Just take a new pic with googly eyes on a painted stone. They were absolutely cuteeeeeee

  2. These are so cute! I love the colored pebbles :)


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