Wednesday 9 March 2011

Anu - Bringing Nature inside your home...

Spring has surely arrived in Atlanta,...The days are starting earlier, I can hear the birds chirping by 5:45 am and I get to enjoy the gorgeous pink, mauve patterns of the rising sun on my way to work... However, we still need a couple of weeks for the weather to get warmer, to start tending to the garden and the plants outside. Since I am unable to show you my garden,...why dont I take you through a quick tour of some greenery inside my home...
Hope you enjoyed the greenery...the next time will be a walk through my garden...
Adios my friends...


  1. wow it gives me spring in chennai too 4rgetting the sunny day...really cool...

  2. Super, gorgeous - every nook & corner is a treat for the eyes.

  3. Beautiful corners!! I've this special liking to your plants on the windowsill. Pretty things :)

  4. Another lovely post anpu- Love those floating diyas int he urli, the wooden block print, and the kuthu velakku, the mexican vase, even your runner carpet!

  5. Thanks Diwya...when are you coming home?

  6. Anpu, I'm loving these glimpses into your home------how about a full-fledged home tour soon? Patty? Are you doing it or should I make the move? :D

    Missed reading all your lovely posts, girls!


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