Saturday 5 March 2011

Name it!!

Who am I - Shanthi - a simple Indian girl that went to the North pole (Norway) 20 years ago.
What I love – Décor, travel, photography , Beautiful , Exotic, Vintage, Ethnic, Modern, Stylish and the list goes on ….
What is this all about - Have been nurturing for a while now, to have my own place to share the beautiful things and treats in life that catches my eye and touches my heart and gives me a colorful break from the daily grind J.
I admire anything and everything that is chic and charming J. EUREKA!!!! – accidentally discovering you all in the décor world - gave me a sudden glimpse into the girl next door that gave me the sense of belonging. Come join me in this journey and help me to NAME this colorful adventure to satiate my love for all things beautiful - to be launched on soon.
Who can - The Blog naming contest “NAME IT” is open for all from all over the world
When - last date for entry is 10th March 2011
How - Can post them as comments under this post and can also send an email to
Reward – The winner will be duly rewarded with an ethnic Indian décor piece that you will want to treasure :-)
~~ Shanthi


  1. Shanthi, first of all, wish you the very best and may your foray into blogging be all that you want it to!
    As lame as I may seem, I found a lovely phrase from the text above... "ACOLORFULBREAK" :-)

  2. :)) How about 'EUREKA' for a space where you share every thing you discover in your life, anything that touches you softly or make you jump and say 'EUREKA'.
    And I feel it's something that comes through you...
    So my entry would be 'EUREKA'

  3. Hi Shanthi

    I've always admired your work and I wish you lots of luck for your blog !

    My suggestion would be 'Kaleidoscope' for the basic reason that you always see the world and depict it through your colourful vision :)

  4. Shanthi - what a darling post!!

    A few names popped to mind...

    1. My Personal Potpourri - for all the daily prettiness you see.

    2. All Things Mine and Beautiful - even if they aren't yours, it's your blog :)

    3. And if perhaps you'd like to use your name with a twist....A Little Peace of Shanthi.

    Can't wait to see your blog : )
    All the best!!

  5. How about...

    1. colourful brake
    2. colours of my life
    3. colours & more
    4. beauty & beyond
    5. all things bright & beautiful
    6. its exotic
    7. from my treasures
    8. treasure box
    9. style galore
    10. stylish me

  6. All the best Shanthi, a few suggestions...

    A colourful mosaic
    Design,decor and me
    From Norway with love :-)

  7. 1) Colours Are Me

    2) A Nymph From Norway

    3) Colourful Eyes

    4) Decorating Life

    5) Norway - My way

    6) The Girl From Norway

    7) Midnight Sun

    8) Colour Lover

    9) Colour World

    10) The Colourful Side Of Me

    :) Looking forward to your blog!

  8. Am I too late?

    Dang it!!



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