Thursday 17 March 2011

Spongebob SquarePants - a craft tutorial :)

Last week I made this cute Spongebob outfit for my son - he had a World Book Day celebration at school and had to go dressed as a book character. Yes, Spongebob Squarepants is not quite a character out of a book - but he's definitely one of my son's favourites :) Let me share with you a few pictures from the project
Beginning my project : I painted a white sheet of paper with brown watercolours, in retrospect using poster colours may have been a better idea ;-)
I bought a yellow piece of foam [available at most major stationeries], which would form the base, i.e Spongebob's face and body. I cut it to dimensions and set it aside.
Then, I cut the brown sheet into a rectangular piece and stuck it at the bottom of the foam sheet to form Spongebob's shorts. Then I stuck the shirt and tie as well.
Then I drew the template of his eyes, nose and mouth on a white sheet of paper. I used a strip of white from a magazine for Spongebob's shirt. For the tie, I drew the shape on to a red piece of magazine paper and cut it out.
In the pic above, I haven't really stuck it as yet - I have just placed the individual pieces on the foam, to ascertain the dimensions and to see how it fits together.
Eventually I cut out the eyes, mouth and nose after painting it and stuck it over the foam.
Here he is, painted and complete. I added a belt under the tie as well [drew and painted it over]. Isn't he cute? :):) My son loved it and so did everyone else in the school


  1. What an adorable idea!! Super cute : )

  2. That IS Spongebob! That is a very very good replica. My older son used to play the computer game where he had to grab chaddis as he raced along some water way. You brought back a whole host of fun memories. The younger son would scream chaddi chaddi!!


  3. Hi Urmi

    You are such a creative person. Blog is wonderful Keep it up!

    Best wishes

  4. Urmi.. this is a superb idea.. I dont have a boy.. so cant relate to it.. As my kids dont really like spongebob!!! But I love this post.. and the pics are lovely as well.. Well done..

  5. Thank you so much everyone!!

    @Ammupaati, delighted to see you on this blog :) I am just a contributor to this vivid blog, please continue visiting :)

    @My3, thanks, I am so happy to have brought back memories for you :)

    and @Patty, thanks a lot for the encouragement :):)

  6. Hi Urmi

    As such I don't get much time to visit other blogs. And yet, I decided that when u are such a staunch supporter of mine, I should visit your blog and see and I was amazed!Such lovely work! I myself indulge in handwork in a small way. So I was all the more happy. Keep it up!



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