Monday 14 March 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 22

Hope you all had a lovely weekend... as colourful as mine... *smiles*... This week was my 'mad hatters tea party' weekend... *sigh*
Thursday... we had friends over for dinner... Its been ages since we sat down and just spoke to each other... about nothing in particular.. but nearly everything... My friend called it the 'quarterly review'... coz I saw her last in December.. .and she wasn't a happy bunny!!
Friday... The girls and I were gearing up for our 'Alice in Wonderland' theme party!! I don't beleive how soon they grow.. I really dont! We had to finish all the chart work first.... then Yva helped with the cleaning... and then Sims, Yva & Vani (their cousin).... helped blow up balloons and put up some decorations... !! It was lovely to get all of them involved..
Saturday.... we had an absolute MAD party!!
This is the 'mad hatters - hat cake'.. Yva wanted it in these colours... She loved it... More details of the party coming up this week... *smiles*
Saturday night... we attended a 25th Wedding Anniversary dinner.. It wasn't a big bash.. but a cute & loving one.. The grown up kids of the couple.. put together a slide show of the last 25 years... It was outstanding... Nearly got tears in my eyes.. The night ended with reading some shayari (Urdu/ Hindi poetry)... The recital was precise, impeccable... just left everyone in the room spell bound.... and then a few songs... What a lovely weekend...

So my lovelies… Are you joining in this week? Tell me all about your weekend… and don't forget to link back to Colours Dekor... !!

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  1. Sounds like fun, as your usual weekends :)) The hat cake looks bright n colorful, smart!

  2. Sounds like you had a really nice time :)
    The hat cake looks gorgeous with such vibrant colours...

  3. I am always amazed by the things you come up with! that cake is great, as are the decorations! hats off to you and the kids!

  4. Seems you had a fun weekend :) The hat cake looks awesome!

  5. the party deco looks so good,;-)

  6. I lake it, beautiful cake and decoration!
    Kisses and happy new week.

  7. Wow! awesome and very creative! thanks for sharing!

  8. Such cute decorations! Looks like fun! Thanks for hosting every week :)

  9. Thank you for hosting. Don't forget to stop by DIY Home Sweet Home and check out some more great projects.

  10. Wish i could come to this party!!

  11. Looks like a fun time was had by all! Lovely :)


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