Thursday 24 March 2011

Green Thumb Decor ~ Lakshmi

More... greens... Yes! and more beauties!! Here are inspirations from Lakshmi, who blogs at Dress Your Home Her blog is a catalogue of all her DIY endeavours and homes and store tours and a lot lot more... She lives in Bangalore with her husband and son. And from what you can see below... has the most gorgeous plants ever!!
At any point in time, herbs constitute 40% of all my plants. The betel and ajwain plants are recent additions and have done really well in two weeks.
My son is a bigger garden enthusiast than me. Loves to get his hands dirty every evening and water the plants
All the pots have been hand painted either by me or by my son. The multi-colored one is his only contribution is the embossing.
Now hop on to Lakshmi's blog 'Dress your home' and be inspired!! Join in the Green Thumb Decor linky party and link your posts here... and if you are a non blogger... go on and send me those gorgeous pics... So we can all be inspired!! *smiles*


  1. Another lovely post Patty...inspiring garden and well pls tell us in brief how to plant the herbs..loved the spirit of the young child..keep the spirits high..cheers

  2. thanks for introducing Lakshmi,loved her space,

  3. Very nice. So that is the trick to keep the herbs in one pot. I will try that. Planting one sad and lonely stick in a pot, I usually land up killing them. Thanks Patty.


  4. Hey there,
    I tagged you in a post on my blog to participate in the ask me anything game :) I hope you will "play along" :)

  5. Lovely pics... !!! Love the hanging pots.. and the painted ones... Mr.Froggy looks cute too...!!

  6. Thanks Pat for featuring the garden.

    Shivani: Herbs grow well when planted together. Just take a container of your choice with good drainage and plant them. Take care not to overwater them.


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