Friday 11 March 2011

Paper lanterns

Do you remember making these lanterns in school?? Celebrating birthdays is a joy... but its more fun when the decorations, artwork, etc... is done on your own.. Normally, we recycle the same decorations used for earlier or prior year parties.. I have a box of these... that we tweak or amend a little bit to go with the theme!!
For our 'Alice in Wonderland'.... Mad Hatters tea party... we wanted these paper lanterns.. So last weekend, the girls & I got together to make a few...
Here is what you'll need....
  • coloured paper or craft paper
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • cylindrical glass. But I couldnt find one, so we used the ikea tea lights. You can also use vases.
  • pencil to draw the lines
  • double sided tape
  • a few tea lights
1. Fold the coloured paper into two (half lenght). Draw equal lines. Makes the lines approximately 1/2 inches apart and stop 1 inch from the edge.
2. Give these to your kids to cut... Cut along the lines. Leaving the edges!
3. If you are using glass, stick tissue paper or lighter paper on the glass first. This will make it easier to sick the lantern on it. Use double sided tape on the length of the glass and stick the tissue paper firmly.
4. Unfold the coloured craft paper and stick a small peice of double sided tape along the top and the bottom.
5. Stick them together, or wrap it around the glass.
6. If you've stuck the craft paper together and are using smaller tea lights. Then light the tea light and then place the lantern on top. (this is what I did)
7. If you are sticking the lantern to an existing cylindrical glass, then light a candle and carefully insert it in the glass.
.... Aren't these so cute... and so easy to make. We've had these around the house all week long.. They are gorgeous!! I'm linking to a few blog parties!!
As for our Alice party... they will be hung with other hanging decorations... watch out for pictures!! *smiles*


  1. Awesome Patty..!!
    Nice & Easy..I loved this...
    I will Do this in my home too..!!

  2. Wow!!!!! lovely. looking forward to see the pics when the show is on

  3. Oh how lovely!!Yay! I already have colored craft paper and cylindrical glass! :D

    Thank you!

  4. The first picture with the lighted lamps looks neat. What a cool that has been forgotten over years. Many happy returns of the day to your li'l one. Hope you all have a great day today.

  5. Patty you've brought on a slew of childhood memories :) I remember making these in school. I bet your girls are going to grow up to be super creative with you as a mom and their creative childhood :)

  6. This is wonderful! I love them, and am surely going to make some!

  7. Lovely!!! reminds me of my childhood when we used to make these on Diwali ... Absolutely gorgeous!!

  8. I love anything made with paper and these lanterns are so so cute.
    Found you on Whipperberry. I'm also a new follower come check out my blog at and follow back I would love it if you did.

  9. Love it,...Love it! You brought back lovely memories. and your girls are so cute!! Remmeber Anu aunty is here, whenever you need a break...:-) Hugs to the girls

  10. Love it,...Love it! You brought back lovely memories. and your girls are so cute!! Remmeber Anu aunty is here, whenever you need a break...:-) Hugs to the girls

  11. How true! The love that can be felt when somebody gifts something thats made personally can never be matched by readymade articles. I have made a lot of lanterns in school myself as I love doing creative stuff, the only thing is that I could never do it as beautifully!
    Many Thanks for this lovely step by step tutorial:-)
    I had a great time stopping here, you have a wonderful space, Patricia:-)

  12. How lovely. Can i link this at my blog? I think its an awesome craft for a kid to make :)

  13. Woww!! I can just imagine what the rest of the party will be like..when is the party?can't wait to see how you pulled the whole thing together!

  14. Oh I love love looooooove these! This post is so timely since I have been looking for a lantern to hang this Diwali but can't find a good spot (with the wiring etc. in place) at home. This idea is super cool...I will make these instead of plain candles and put them out for sure! Thanks a tonne :-)


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