Friday 11 March 2011

CreationS - The Essence of Arts

Today I'm super excited to introduce to you Rachana ... and her amazing work!! Here is a bundle of talent .... Her work makes you stop and look at it.... The eyes are so expressive that she really doesn't have to explain the emotions in words... wow!! Well done Rachana... you make us all very very proud of you!!
Now a little about Rachana
Painting used to be a hobby from the time Rachana was a little girl.... In 2009, after her marriage, she moved to Maryland, USA.. With constant support and encouragement from her hubby, she is now a professional artist!! Her work proves that she is good with Indian art styles. However her eagerness to learn all art forms.. and master them all is what her blog - CreationS - The Essence of Art show cases!!
After all kinds of experiments ~ good and bad... Rachana is now back to her original style.. The Indian artwork!! She shared her work in the form of Indian art, depicting Indian traditions, their meanings, the emotions behind them.
Don't you just love her work!! Please check her blog - CreationS - The Essence of Arts. Support her work.... read more about her.... and contact her for more details...
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  1. Beautiful post Pat and fabulous work. I discovered Rachna's work recently and am a huge fan :-)

  2. Lovely paintings.. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful is the word !..I heart all her paintings..Thanks for sharing Pat :)

  4. Hi Patricia,
    Thank you so much for sharing my Art-work and your sweet words for me..!
    And, Thanks everyone for your visit at my blog and for your wonderful comments!!
    Looking forward to see you again..

  5. Lovely Paintings Rachana...enjoyed theposts on your blog...keep sharing

  6. beatiful daughter found the right idea from your pic to customise her gift for her grandma..I will share it in my blog soon. ash

  7. Simply gorgeous, Rachana!! Love how you've added each little detail---like those hanging tota strings in the background of the first painting, and the details in the jewelry--Lovely!


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