Wednesday 20 April 2011

Into the Light – E-zine Review, Prismma

Prismma is a fascinating potpourri of all things creative – a nice taste of the sugar, spice ‘n everything nice in this artistic world of ours.

At first, I was rather taken aback at the length of this e- zine. You see, I’m only just beginning to lean into the décor zone and wondered what could possibly be hidden in the 249 pages before me; that I hadn’t already seen on the several gorgeous décor blogs on the www. Then I began to browse. And my oh my, I’m more than just leaning now.

Prismma, meaning ‘light’ is the brainchild of a handful of thoughtful, talented people. Like a well orchestrated symphony; Rekha, Purva, Ravi, Ash, Aparna and Anjali come together to create a masterpiece. The content, photography, features and all the rest, are worthy of 5 stars each! Prismma has enlisted the talents of several well known bloggers in this, their first issue; names which you will recognize and yet again – marvel at, for their absolute creativity and talent in their homes and ‘close to the heart’ projects. Why, you’ll even find a few recipes thrown in for good measure – all in the mix!

You’ll also find great pieces on home layouts and features on talented individuals like Bobby Aggarwal and Sumeet Nath – both with gorgeous eyes for detail, texture and design. Their fusion of old school comfort and new age favorites, prove to be fascinating reads. Also check out Sonia’s glass studio – her commitment and passion towards what she does is inspiring.

Some of my favourite parts of the zine though, were the features on artists and photographers - be sure to check out the clicks of Sanjay Nanda on Holi and Atul Pratap Chauhan’s Marwari Wedding – phenomenal. You’ll also love ‘Blogspeak’…just when you thought you knew all about your favorite bloggers!

My favorite read on Prismma was hands down, the beautiful Middya residence. The widely traveled Akash and Seema Middya have a gorgeous Delhi home, filled with unique flavours, elements and trinkets from all over the world. Colorful, bright, cheerful and happy; each item holds a memory, every well decorated corner; a kind of décor.

I love photography, so choosing a favourite picture from a zine that’s almost 50% photography, was a tough call. But zone in I did and this is it.

The expression, the motion, the ghungroos on the dancer’s feet, all make this a magical capture. Not something I expected to find, so you can imagine my gasp when I saw it. Fabulous.

What would I add? Nothing. Prismma seems to have all angles covered; from pottery to photography, blogging to home layouts, art galleries to quaint homestays – like I said, everything nice.

My only criticism would be the length of some of the pieces that I read. I understand that each artist has their own unique story to tell, filled with anecdotes and pearls of wisdom – but it did seem rather long to read in an e-zine format. But then, that’s me – the leaner.

You on the other hand, may love each fascinating detail! And perhaps in a while, I’ll join in that particular book club.

All in all – I loved it.

I felt like I met a dozen crazily talented individuals, was on the receiving end of fabulous décor tips and had a good read as well. An afternoon well spent, in my opinion! So there you go, fix yourself a cappuccino and settle down to Prismma. You can thank me later.

Check out the full e-ziner here.

Yes, there’s a new E-zine on the block. Prismma is here to stay.

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  1. Thanks for such a lovely review,Patricia :)


  2. wow,will sure chk out the magazine,..;-)

  3. I love the gorgeous use of color! It makes me happy.

    Thank you for your kind comments on Metis.


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