Monday 4 April 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 25

Hello my lovelies... I haven't had a single spare minute this week.. to visit you guys.. to say hello.. to be inspired... Its been a tiring and stressful year end... We worked till 1am on Friday... Obviously I dont know where Thursday evening disappeared... *sigh*
Friday morning ... was tiding up the girls room... and preparing for the new year in school.. After a two week break ... it isn't easy to get back into the routine..
I simply had to visit my regular stores for some inspiration... on Friday... so I wandered off to Home Center and then to this store called Freedom....
Dont you just love the buddha?? and the elephants?? I didn't really buy anything.... but the stuff in this store is absolutely amazing...
I needed a break from the regular... so Caribou Coffee at DIFC on a Friday... is like bliss!!
Saturday.... was the big game... This is how my home looked... All seats, sofas, cushions... facing in one direction... *smiles* ... We had a few friends over.. and it was a lovely evening... I met a friend from school after 20 years... She joined in to watch the match with her two lovely daughters...
We cheered our team to victory...
Oh.. and I've been awarded the Stylish Blogger award by the lovely Neha of All Things Beautiful... and One Lovely Blog & You are the Best Blogger Award by Emreen of Liven Things Up... (Sorry... sweets for forgetting this... )
The good thing about awards... is passing them on... so I'm going to attempt at passing these awards to some fabulous bloggers.. and hopefully introduce you to a few inspiring blogs... *smiles*

The rules of accepting the Stylish Blogger Award & the You are the Best Blogger Award .... is that I have to state 7 facts about myself... so here goes... see how well you know me!! *grin*

  1. Every day of my life… I plan my next vacation. Which means… I simply love to travel!! ~ browsing through holiday packages, checking airfares, hotels, making plans, reading about the destination…. And finally going there and living my dream!! A true vacation is when I can aimlessly stroll through the smallest alleyways looking around into shops….. Not necessarily buying anything, but just enjoying the sites & sounds of the people in that town or city. I can walk.. and walk… and walk… on endless roads…. Peeping into little churches… hearing the birds flutter, appreciating the architecture, sighing at d├ęcor!!!
  2. I am a morning person… I can wake up at 2am… 3am… and go to work… or de-clutter, clean and sort… But I cant stay awake beyond 11pm!!
  3. Dark Chocolate is my weakness… Morning, afternoon, evening, night... give me a slab and I'll have a bite!! (or more)
  4. I do not eat tuna... it is an endangered species... and I believe that if everyone stops eating or buying tuna... there would not be a market for them... and hopefully... they'd be able to survive...
  5. I can’t sit through a movie at a cinema... I watch the fist 10mins .. and the last 10mins.. and am asleep in between... specially if the movie is longer than an hour and a half!!
  6. That said.. I drool over... George Clooney and John Abraham... and can guarantee to stay away during George Clooney's movie...
  7. I am someday going to own my very own Mahal ... somewhere in between Udaipur & Jaipur... an old one.. that I'd like to restore.... and give my own special touch to!! Even if its a miniature one (that you find on the roadside)... someday.. own it I shall!!

Now... I'm passing the Stylish Blogger Award to 4 creative blogs ..

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And You are the Best Blogger Award to :

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.... I'd like to pass on 'One Lovely Blog Award' to ... these three blogs that I love... I read very often.... but sometimes do not have the heart to comment... *smiles*

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Now... my loves... are you joining the Weekend Wrap Up??? Its fun!!
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  1. Congrats on the awards...- It was great to read 7 things about you...!!

    And who does not drool over those gorgeous guys... *wink*

  2. glad to knw more of u,..
    enjoy the week ahead,.

  3. Wow!! Love your post!! Your settting for the game looks relaxing.. and you have a!! Your peacock feather cushion is simply elegant!! Enjoyed reading tit bits of your busy life and you!! I too do not eat tuna for the similar reasons!! Hope your wish comes true soon!!

  4. hey Patty...hav a grt weekend ahead!! "the champs" were celebrated in style in ur beautiful blog....good to know abt u frm 7 facts abt u ...i identify with half of them myself :)

  5. Hi, Patty each time you amaze me and this time the awesome cricket decor. Well loved to read the facts about you and they are soooo different then mine as it is next to impossible for me to get up in the morning....lols


  6. Hey Patty

    First of all.. 3 cheers for Team India and Congrats to every Indian... :) .. Nice arrangements for the match... it was a fabulous match. And Ohh I love the 7 facts about you... Specially the 1st and the 7th point. Even am very fond of travelling. I love to travel and know the people of various cultures, their traditions, the specialities of the places. And "Mahal somewhere between Udaipur and Jaipur"... :) ... I have spent 9 years in Rajasthan... and I love the place and every bit of it like anything... I wish you soon get your dream come true to have a Mahal there, and I will visit your place even without an invitation.. :)

    Lots of love and best wishes

  7. congrats on the award and good knowing more about you...and i am like you on the first planning for my next vacation every single day and even when am vacationing!!!

  8. Congrats on the award and congrats to Team India too. what a great match it was!

  9. I had earlier 7th March to be precise, left a comment to pass on the Verstaile Blogger award to you. Since i didn't get a reply, thought may be you do not accept awards, now i guess it might have just missed your eye. If you wish to please do accept it and pass it on as well !

  10. It was gr888 to read n know more abt u! Haa I guesss now all the busy times are done with.,... N what betta way to kick start them than with the world cup win huh!!!

  11. It's always hectic at your place. Mark one weekend in my name. I am sure dropping by :-). The flag was cool.

  12. Congrats on the awards! Yup, we are the champs now :)

  13. What a room to watch such a fun game!! I tell you, I am the world's biggest pessimist when it comes to India and cricket. I have been roundly told off that I am still carrying my prejudices from Kapil Dev era and I should get with the times by no less than my young son! We watched it in the lab and it was a lot of groaning cheering and oohing and aahing. We are already planning a one-hour highlights party.
    As for travel. I cannot seem to find one week with both the kids and hubby. Hubby is the easy one, the kids are making my travel plans difficult. So now it has dwindled to, Amma, lets go at least for a couple of days. Chalo, I will keep you informed about it.
    Ugadi Subhashayagalu to your and all your readers


  14. Tell me about planning the next vacation. That's my biggest motivation to work.

  15. Loved getting to know you a little better:) Wow, nice comfortable room to watch the game. Congratulation on all the awards - well-deserved:):)

  16. :) Thanks so much dear for the award.
    It is indeed an honor for me.

  17. Good to know more about you, Patty!
    Your home looks awesome!

  18. what a lovely store! :) I'd spend ages n ages looking at all the artifacts.

    N thank you so much for the award. I'm honored. will do a post soon.

  19. Thank you again Patricia!

    And the bit about owning a palace? Me too! :)

  20. Hi Patricia,

    Congrats on the awards! Thank you for passing the award and I Feel Honored. Little busy with my daughter's craft projects. Will do the post soon.

    BTW I love your interiors! I love all your detail. The Flag, peacock pillow, simply superb!


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