Saturday 30 April 2011

Back yard...

Yard!! *smiles*... the space we have can hardly be called a back yard.. Its a little space.... where you definitely can enjoy a lovely evening.. a hot cup of tea... or simply some peace ....
The above pic is my new 'cozy corner'...
Here is where we entertain our guests.... the wroght iron table is made to look new by my uncle... when he was here on his short holiday.. He even painted my bench.. *smiles*
This is new.... It didn't find a place in my home.... so its outdoors now...
The hanging lamp is a gift by Kamini... isn't it gorgeous!!


  1. very nice...the first pic looks as though it just popped out of a magazine :),well shot

  2. Beautiful...I want to come over now:-)

  3. Vow you call that a small space. U have already 3 seating arrangements there. It is lovely.

  4. Such a lovely space patty, It is no small space!

  5. Wonderful. love the short benches.

  6. Patricia, I love how you have created all these small conversation areas - makes me want to come there:):)

  7. i like the decor in the first shot!!!

    we dont have a yard!!...just a second balcony which looks to the south of our apartment...but its a cozy place where we put out our round cane stools(the ones you get on the highway roadsides) and have tea in winters!!

  8. Beautiful decor...beautiful space!


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