Monday 11 April 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 26

Hello my lovelies… How are you all doing?? Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.. I had a rather lazy weekend… Was just not in the mood to do much… Thursday evening… the girls & I had an ‘under water’ themed tea party

Friday, was spent lazing around … The evening created a ‘peacock themed’ tea party with loads of laughter & gossip…

Saturday was well spent, cleaning, clearing and sorting… I now have a timetable to clean & clear for the next two weeks… ‘one cabinet at a time’ ~ ‘one room at a time’… Once I’m done… I’ll be making a revival timetable... (to renew the decor themes at home)

Oh.. and Creative Mama has passed the ‘Versatile blogger award’ my way… Rules of this award are ~

  1. Thank the person who awarded you & link back to them in your post…
  2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself….
  3. Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers
  4. Contact each blogger you want to pass this award on to and let them know you’ve done so…

So here goes… Thank you Creative Mama for passing this award to me.. I’m thrilled… *smiles*

Now… for 7 random facts about me…

  1. I totally love peacocks, elephants and lotus … and hope to have these themes in my home…. somewhere…
  2. I love the colour orange… and want to paint all walls in my house orange.. *smiles*
  3. I have no sense of colour.. I think turquoise blends in with gold .. and red blends in perfectly with orange…
  4. At any given time.. I have more than one to-do list… a list at work, a shopping list, a home décor list, a cleaning list… etc.. etc..
  5. My girls are totally mental … just like their mother… *smiles*
  6. I love … love candles… and fairy lights… a weekend is incomplete without them…
  7. I’m a dreamer… *smiles* guess.. .what I’m dreaming about now… *smiles*
I couldn't think of 15 bloggers, so am passing this on to 7 new bloggers... (some are simply new to me... *smiles*... Their blogs are gorgeous.. so go on, visit them, congratulate them, welcome them... and inspire them... by following their posts.. *smiles*

So.... are you joining in the Weekend Wrap Up this week .... Here is how .. ~~
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  2. No images from other websites or magazines please!! This is about YOU.
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Please note, you DO NOT have to be a follower of my blog to join the party.. I'd love to see you here!!

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  1. ohh patty i dont know where my days are flyng..wold love to join your party but pata nahi where is Mr Time hiding in my life :)

    lovely as always visiting your blog and i totally love point numb 5 :)

  2. oo..what a beautiful weekend...both the parties look amazingly pretty...n that bit about several to-do lists had me rofl. Me too me many lists & v little time

  3. umm thnks for the award,.will sure pass it on,..and ya will link to the weekend wrap up too,..

  4. loved all tea party..joining in wrap up! have a lovely week ahead!!

  5. Love your blog.. :) Joining in for the Weekend wrap up..

  6. Wow! A neat and tempting tea party! love all the detail you added!

  7. Hi Patty..
    Thank you so much for appreciating my work and giving me very first "Blog award"..!

  8. Loved all your tea parties..!My story is same like time,no time...and sooo...much to do!:(
    Here, adding my link :)

  9. Thanks for the award Patty!!!! :) *smiles* Loved those peacock feathers - the colours are so rich and royal. We re-organized N's room this weekend and I linked that in. Will do the award tag and pass it on in another post tomorrow. Thanks once again!

  10. Awwww....Thank you so much Patty for the wonderful award! I'll soon accept it...and pass it on.

  11. Oh God! The peacock themed party looks SO gorgeous! I love your eye Patty!

  12. Thank You Patty! Awards are always Special and precious, coming from you definitely special I am honored.

    Thanks and best wishes


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