Thursday 28 April 2011

Green Thumb Decor - Shoba's indoors

Hope you enjoyed Shoba's outdoor series.... Here are some images of her breathtaking indoors.. *sigh*
A little about Shoba ~

My name is Shoba and I am an engineer by profession. I am a mom to an eleven year old bratz Shreya who is my go to gal for my clothing advice. I love being outdoors, travelling and exploring new places, browsing the web, reading all the décor blogs and garden blogs in my spare time. On weekends I bug, and sometimes bribe my daughter and husband to join me on my hikes. Both of them can compete in winning the title “Couch Potato”, so I have to put extra effort in getting them out !

The little white swan and the black flowery containers are goodwill finds.

Succulents are my current favourite, since after many trials and errors and after killing a lot of plants, I have found that most succulents need less tending and seem to survive better.

Someone at work left some mugs for free and I picked a few that looked cute and brought them home. I filled them with soil and stuck a succulent in them and I make sure I sprinkle very little water once a week. They bring me cheer when I am washing the dishes !

I spray painted a mirror (which needed some TLC) I found on clearance. With the husband’s help we hung it in the garden to add a pop of color.

Hope you enjoyed the Green Thumb series as much as I did... Don't forget to check out the other entries... !!


  1. Gorgeous... All the pictures are awesome... Love the little knick-knacks in her house... Love that swan, cycle, the cute little chair and the colorful mugs.... !!

  2. You have a gorgeous home Shoba.
    Loved each and every pic :)

  3. Such lovely plants..and amazing container pots.. Well done Shoba! :)

  4. Shoba, Such a lovely homes, I am drooling at all the plants & planters!!! Thanks patty for this beautiful post


  5. Such lovely plants (and pretty corners throughout the home!)

  6. Oh, I enjoyed that so much Shoba. I had to go back and revisit each corner several times - simply gorgeous:):)

  7. all are amazing...all her pots r wonderful...thx for presenting us these nice pictures patricia....

  8. Lovely plants.. I really want to do this in my home.. thats looking so beautiful & Live

  9. Must be a delight living in this wonderful home!! Pretty corners everywhere, love the way the plants are bursting with life. And Shoba's done a great job using all types of containers for them. My faves are the tiny bicycle and chair holder :) Loved this post Shoba and Patty!


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