Thursday 14 April 2011

Green Thumb Decor - Tara (part 1)

Hello my lovelies... Joining in the Green Thumb decor today is Tara... I was so thrilled to see her pictures... I'm doing this in two posts.... but am still not able to do full justice to her gorgeous images... so take it away... Tara!!!
Daughter of a defence personnel (IAF) and a sweetest lady, wife of an IT sales guy who is a charmer just by his smile and eyes, an HR professional with 8 years behind me and having a painful eye for detail, kind of describes me. I belong to Kumaun (himalayan) region in the north of India but have spent years of my life in various places within India. Married for 4 years, job brought us to the gulf and we had to wind up our just a year old-newly set up 3 bhk in India and thats when we decided we will stay in a studio as long as it works and not accumulate anything more than basic requirements.. plants, greenery and cute lil things here n there ofcourse come under this category so here is my story of building our greenspace in our small apartment in dubai..
lastly, while I am not a very regular and serious blogger, I blog at which is not about decor or any particular subject.. I enjoy browsing through others thoughts and pictures so I thought I must share something close to my heart with the beautiful ppl out there.
In the above picture is a tomato paste bottle, that Tara has now converted into a gorgeous vas!! Can you spot the heart shaped leaves...
This is how the balcony garden started..... Venturing into her new project!!!
DIY shelves with music stuff..... gorgeous greens!!
A pretty stem...
I am happy so far about the way its growing the roots. so far so good. I threw some colored pebbles into the jar for fun.
This is my latest collection and its from IKEA. lovely texture, skin looks like that of crocodile ;) I need to move it into a pot with wider mouth because its growing some new shoots on the sides. lovely - touch wood.
v-day dinner in the balcony.. the plants had all dried up at that time but the weather made up for it and the pasta was yummm... we had mixed fruit juice with it. the vodka bottle is only for the special effects


  1. Patricia a lovely guest post with Tara!! Very nice and reminds me to look for the plant from Ikea!

    Art by Karena

  2. Thanks for dropping by in my blog and glad you liked it :)you have pretty good collection of beautiful pictures! glad to find you !

  3. Gorgeous space... The plant from Ikea is lovely... and the Valz' Day tablescape... s romantic and beautiful...!!

  4. Lovely!! and that's a really sweet tablescape in the balcony. :-)

  5. isnt the star shaped cactus beautiful ? and the V day setting is soo cosy and perfect for 2

  6. Beautiful flowers!

  7. lovely corners.......beautiful home..

  8. Very very nice. It is such a pleasure, Patty to go through your Green Thumb series. It is great to see so many people making a concerted effort to keep greenery around their house. Nurture it and love it. Thanks to you for providing us all a chance to see each other's plants and houses. Thanks Patty and Tara, GORGEOUS!!!!


  9. Thanks ,luved this post as always,.

  10. Thank you Patricia for including my greenspace glimpses here. I loved the warmth and interest that you took in replying to my email. Cheers!

    Thank you dear readers, I am glad you liked the post :-)

  11. Very pretty..beautiful!

  12. Love the green pottery!


  13. Love that plant in the second last picture--so pretty! Lovely space, when do we see more? :D

  14. Wow, Tara, beautiful everything, I loved it all.

    Patricia, someday soon I have to join in the fun you folks are having and send you some photos:):) Put some up on my blog today. You guys inspire me:)


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