Tuesday 26 April 2011

Green Thumb Decor - Shoba

Joining our Green Thumb Decor today, is Shoba... all the way from her home in California.. Today, is Shoba's outdoor series... and a few pictures from her moms garden. Tomorrow... will be a gorgeous post on indoor plants... and a little more about Shoba... Keep watching this space for absolutely creative Green Thumb decor... *smiles*
Sorry... the post is long.. but I tried my best.. to select a few pictures.. and simply failed..
Over to Shoba ~

I grew up in a small town in south India, where water was scarce and temperatures soared most of the time. My parents being avid gardeners, even in such harsh conditions managed to grow flowers and fruits. They recycled water used for washing clothes and such, to spare water for their plants. Their love for plants has surely rubbed off on me. I am not as good as them in keeping my plants alive but I try.

A friend was throwing away the planter box and I brought it home and reused it. The shell hanging is so cute and is hand made by a couple who are our friends. They handpicked those shells on their travel to Mexico and I really appreciate this gift.

All these years in California, mostly we were in homes with shaded balconies so I could only grow ferns and other plants that needed very less sunlight. Last year when we were moving again, I was very particular in moving to a house with a small backyard/patio and also a house that got lots of sunlight. The best part of the house now is all the sunlight that comes streaming in the morning into my kitchen and living room !

I simply love the above picture... and so want a stand like that... Isn't that gorgeous?
*sigh* a blissful morning.... sipping coffee and watching these... *sigh*

I spray painted a mirror (which needed some TLC) I found on clearance. With the husband’s help we hung it in the garden to add a pop of color.

Here are a few pictures of her mom's garden.. Thank you Shoba for going out of the way and sharing these as well... *smiles*
Have you seen all the lovely entries for the Green Thumb Series... Are you going to join in??


  1. its got such a mediteranean feel about it :)

  2. Lovely greens and what colourful flowers. I so wanna have a space like that for me.

  3. Pretty gardens, both! Have to say, being a wee bit partial to Shoba's mum's garden, so so lush and lovely! :-)

  4. Patty, this is really good. inspiring me to do some Gardening. :)

  5. Gorgeous greens! I'm so inspired. Shobha's mom's home and garden is exactly what I dream of..!

  6. Oh! I love her plants , her house and the shells made by her friends. Such a lovely garden and such a lovely home. Thanks Shoba for sharing, and thanks Pat for featuring it. You have the knack do things right. BTW, her mom's plants too are fantastic.

  7. What a great outdoor space and all the flowers and plants are so lovely!

  8. Lovely images.. Love that stand and the colorful planters..

  9. Lovely...love your greens Shoba...and the pretty flowers. Your mom's garden is beautiful, lush and green...fantastic variety of plants...

  10. Thanks everyone, I am really touched especially for all your sweet comments about my mom's garden. I am now so much more motivated to keep my garden alive.

    Thanks Patty for featuring my mom's and my own little paradise.


  11. The pics are amazing. Would you know the names of these plants? I have been killing several plants as well in a bid to get more greenery indoors and been an unguided missile in the plant world so far.


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