Monday 13 February 2012

The Weekly Story ~ wk 67

Hello my lovelies... Its Monday again... 

Oh.. I forgot to tell you... I got a little feature in the 'Khabar Magazine'... Check page 42 to 50 for the complete article... A huge thank you to Girija who has done a super fabulous job putting this together... Makes me feel like I was having coffee with Kamini, Sudha, Anu and Gagan.... 

Was thrilled to see my home on the first page of the article... thrilled only because my home looks soooooooooooooo much prettier in that image... I was stunned... !!

And then... the peacock wall of my old home... brought back happy memories... of lovely painted walls... I've failed miserably with what I wanted to do this time... Will show you images of the incomplete wall next week... *hides face*

Oh.. and now... back into the week... doing another small post for 'Red is for love'...

Here is a super simple paper craft... All you need is newspaper, stapler or glue and scissors... I showed the girls how to do this once... and then watched as they struggled to get it right... 

I'm not a mean mom... I left them to struggle... only coz it takes them longer that way... and keeps them enthusiastic... till they get it right... 

They made a few of these and hung in the garden and some at home... What do you think?

Definitely simple paper craft, for younger kids...

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  1. Hi Patricia, congratulations on being featured... Am sure it would indeed be sheer pleasure to see ones home and efforts being appreciated for a larger community to know. And thanks as always for the opportunity to link in :)

  2. hey congrats on being featured !!!

  3. Congrats Patty...:)i know it is quite inspiring when u see your efforts gets appreciated and for a woman to see her home getting loved in front of large crowd is simply stunning..:)

  4. Congrats dear.
    It is really a happy thing.

    The paper hearts are nice.

  5. Congratulations Patty!!! Those heart streamers are really a great idea.

  6. congrats for being features,..;-)
    wish ya great week ahead

  7. Hi, Congrats honey, Its a big achievement :) you are amazing my friend..
    keep sharing!

  8. Congratulations dear. Very happy for you

  9. Congrats, Patty! Your home deserves all the limelight since it is so beautifully decorated by you.

  10. Congrats Patty - that's awesome! :) and happy valentine' s day!

  11. Love that simple, yet perfect hearts for Valentine's Day:):)

  12. Oh yes, congratulations on the article Patty, well-deserved:)

  13. Hi Patricia! Congratulations on you being featured in the 'Khabar Magazine'. Your house is awesome! no wonder it has been featured!
    Greetings from Spain

  14. Patty, congratulations and your home indeed looks beautiful...peacock wall is magical and I guess its hard to create magic everytime:)

    girls valentine craft is very beautiful...

  15. I wish we were chatting and havng coffee too:-) Your creativity is the hearts.

  16. Congrats Patty!! Your home does look gorgeous! And Oh My peacock wall is gorgeous!!!

  17. Congrats on getting featured, Patty!
    I LOVE the paper craft hearts...very cute:)
    Happy Valentines Day!

  18. Congrats on the feature! well deserved~!

    I love those Paper crafts, thanks for the inspiration! my daughter and me are sucker for heart shape ;)

    Have linked Vday gifts this week, all homemade of course!

    Adithis Amma Sews

  19. COngratulations!!!
    It's awesome to see your home in the magazine. I very well remember the peacock wallart.
    The paper hearts are really cute:)

  20. Thanks for hosting, I link up every week. I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me.


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