Monday 4 October 2010

Aisle Mania: The Super Mario Aisle

 3 years ago, I was working at a company that had the word "fun" embedded in it's culture. There were play areas in the ground floor of each building on the campus with Foosball, pool and ping pong tables. There were several events every now and then and in general working there was fun.

One such fun event was the "aisle decorating contest" held in our floor. Each aisle (not teams) was given $1000 for decoration and the people working in those aisle had to come up with themes for the aisle. Following are the pictures of the winning aisle. The theme was based on the popular Nintendo game "Super Mario Bros.". A lot of hard work was put into this aisle and I will try to point out some of the details.

In this picture, you can notice the general landscape of the game along with coins to earn.

This 10 feet mural of Mario was made by .... post its! That's right!

  A lot of furniture was put in to sit and relax and the couch was decorated like a game controller...

A close-up of the coin and lamp from Ikea used as a landscape item.

Interior end of the aisle.

Some more post-it art

Signing off,
Shilpa Vir

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  1. oh my gosh, this is too fun Patty! so clever. I love the nice touch of the coins, too funny! I am going to go vote for you now.... : )

  2. so innovative!

  3. Lovely post, Working in such places is always fun!

  4. This is an awesome post!! Well done Shilpa... Loved what you guys did... very creative.. and innovative!! :-)

  5. Must have been good fun working in such a fun environment.. So quirky !!

  6. what fun! Not only it must have brought out each person's creative side but helped in bonding with the others in the aisle...often we are so busy working that we don't really get the time to know people beyond our team

  7. Thank you guys... even though this wasn't my aisle, the whole floor had fun visiting each aisle and making new friends.

  8. Patty, looks like you may be having a spammer on board.

    Shilpa, this seems like such a fun workplace! It's so creative!

  9. Hey guys,

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