Thursday 28 October 2010

Revel in the Burst of Colours, this Diwali

Patty, this is especially for you ! Today's post is all about the colours that make festivities special :)
During the festive season; my most favourite activity is making the rangoli. Be it a regular South Indian 'kolam' or the more elaborate and intricate rangoli - I see it as a piece of art and as an expression of myself!!
A rangoli design reflects the creator's passion, and his/her personality. It is a mirror of the creator's hardwork and eye for detail. A design does not have to be big or really complicated; for it to look beautiful and aesthetic. All it needs is the right colour combination and a steady hand; and even the simplest of patterns can stand out marvellously !! Oh and did I mention Patience? You need loads of it :):) The slower and steadier you let the powders trickle through your fingers, the neater your design will appear.
Here's the Rangoli I made for Diwali last year using a glittery powder :)
I am immensely drawn towards the simplicity of geometric and floral patterns !! - I just adore them !! Which is why you'll see so many such motifs repeat themselves often in my designs. And hey, always remember that repetition of a motif or a pattern within a design always looks striking.
I have sketched out three designs especially for you blog readers at Colour Dekor to try out this Diwali.
You can also view many more designs as well as snippets of my creativity at
With that, I would like to wish all of you a Shubh Deepavali ! May this festival of lights bring hope, cheer and lots of happiness in your lives and yep, don't forget to chuck that diet and eat lots of sweets!! :)


  1. Cool ideas, easy to create too.

  2. Nice kolams. Using glitter is a cool idea.

  3. I just have to say how much I love your Halloween-ified blog header! It makes me smile. Love Halloween!

  4. Thanks a lot Geeta for visiting my blog and leaving a note :) Happy Diwali !!

  5. Nice designs... The last one is beautiful.


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