Wednesday 27 October 2010

Bollywood Weekend ~ ~ Shanthi

Over to Shanthi ~ OH MY GOD It's THE WEEKEND!!!!! U will soon realise WHY? This year 24th Oct - the UN day is being celebrated as world children's day in our county. I signed up for the Indian part. I said yes, it being a special day ( My little Princess Shreya's B'day). For the first time she is not home and so I decided to celebrate it with the other kids. Theme being bollywood workshop (not decided by me :-)) It was a group of 10 teenagers assisting me to make this happen. Friday : Had a kick off at 2.00 PM , back home at 7.00 and made salmon fry marinated in Italian dressing, Sambhar and Rice. No Pics, was too tired and as I am new to blogging, I forget to document :-). Saturday: Started off with an early breakfast of Dosa and Sambhar. Back to the pavilion. Per our handyman was there and so were the others in the group.
An elephant in the making
The show clock
my designer skills - the lehangas I designed for my daughter, cousins and friends.
At 6.00 PM we (our family) rushed to a dinner invite at Haakon and eli's place , together with whom we own a boat. People say that Aas ( the place I live) has Verdens Beste Himmelen - the world's most beautiful sky. Will post some spectacular sunsets as they unfold in future.
Haakon had a fresh catch and was very proud about it
Another autumn table setting, A beautiful house - I will feature it when I start serious blogging.
A three course menu
A seafood Paella - Haakon makes it evey year for Eli on her B'day - 27th Oct. Happy B'day Eli. Did u recognise the red guy. Oops!!! all the veggies please excuse us :-)
Went into the Balcony for some fresh air and this awesome guy was waiting for me.
Sunday: Came home at 12.30 AM and hmmmmm.... straight barged into the kitchen making these cute things and about 700 of them till 7.30 in the morning.Bravo Shanthi!!!!
Buzzzzzzz went the telephone at 10.00 - people frantically looking for me. The show begins at 12.00 Mr. Balachandran from the Indian embassy did the honors of lighting the lamp
Not a Mystery chest :-)
Kids and Parents had great fun doing the Bollywood moves
ofcourse people said our's was the best :-). Hmmmm..... I guess by now You are all as tired as I am :-). Let's call it a day now, Thanks Patty for posting this one. Thank God it is Monday !!!!!!!! :-)


  1. Oh I just have to laugh at her punch line--Thank god its monday!!

    What a wild weekend, can't believe you stayed up all night making vadas! They look yumm! Loved reading of your adventures!

  2. Thanks GB, Why is it, its always you the first one to bring the smile of joy with your appreciation on most of the blogs u follow. Keep it going.

  3. Really envy your weekend.Pls send some your party spirit to Chennai.I hardly have any fun get together like this.

  4. Wow, that was one hectic weekend! Shanti, u really have loads of shanti :) to make 700 wadas! one more and I would have had it!

  5. Thanks for your comments. Enjoyed reading them

  6. The decor is lovely and the food looks yummy!

  7. Loved your energy. That's a packed weekend.

    Your friends are right, the skies are beautiful. Can't wait to see pictures of the sunset.

  8. What a color and fun-filled post. Loved seeing all the photos.

  9. Thank you!!!! yes it was one crazy crazy weekend. But loved it and enjoyed see things thru' the eyes of the teenagers. They make u feel young :-). Planning one bollywood movie evening as a thanks giving!!!


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