Saturday 30 October 2010

Diwali inspirations

A few inspirations from last year!! I miss my old house... By this time I normally have a plan for up to Christmas.. gifts wrapped, decor decided, cleaning done.. etc.. etc.. *grin* I'm running late this year.. (very late)...
I love floating candles.. and my Diwali is incomplete without floating candles..
Lighting up my life...
With my Halloween decor in the background... its difficult to concentrate on Diwali... *smiles*
A few rangolis.. I still have to find my stencils.. and arrange for the colours.. *sigh* I have so much to do!!
Hope all your preparations are going well.. and you guys have done your shopping! I'm linking into these link parties!
Hope you are inspired.. to have loads of floating candles around you...
Do join in the Weekend Wrap Up on Monday!!


  1. Oh Patty, don't fret! There's still time! and I'm sure you have a huge stack of floating candles...and a huge bunch of friend to help with the rangolis, two daughters who are as artistically inclined as you..Your diwali will be spectacular!


    PS:I love your "sri" candle holder--what a lovely idea!

  2. WOW.. Beautiful!! I am running late as well.. have to start making ingredients for the sweets yet!! Like GB has said you have lot of talented helping hands!! I am sure you will do a awesome job!! Your ganesha corner is so lovely..especially in the backdrop of the orange wall..!!!

  3. I am sure everything will turn out well for you and those pictures truly bring out the Diwali spirit.

  4. Lovely Patty! Whats Diwali without floating lights and candles! It will all be awesome in the end, stop worrying :-)

  5. Great preparations!
    Have a blast!
    Happy Diwali!

  6. I am running short of time too, hoping to use this weekend to get some stuff.

  7. Patty if it makes you feel any better...I am working this weekend...actually till its crazy..I am sure come 4th-5th..we will manage something pretty..wont't we?

  8. Patricia, it sounds like and looks to me like you are pretty organised! Your home looks gorgeous, especially by candlelight!

    Happy Halloween and best wishes for Diwali too.


  9. Hi Patricai, Lovely, I love floating candles... Great photos:-)

  10. I lake it!

    Happy Halloween weekend.

  11. lovely. Don't worry I m with you... with these guys still to finish painting our house...I m way behind u Patricia...:( So feel good...I have a much longer way to go...Lolz.

  12. Lovely Patty...lovely:)...Am also there with you!...running too late this time :(..


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