Monday 18 October 2010

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 2

I’ll call this weekend – Cherishing life… Thursday evening, we had a fabulous get together, celebrating my friend, Unni’s 40th Birthday. It was lovely to be among friends… simply chatting, arguing, singing, laughing …. We’ve known each other for 15 years and I truly appreciate their love!! Thank you Sai, Sunil, Vivian & Unni & their families for being a part of our lives. Friday morning… Amit’s ‘bestest’ friend since grade 3 – Nigel died in Sydney. I say ‘bestest’ because Amit & Nige have been together since grade 3, then they went to college, University and even lived together when they started work. Nigel always said, he will live wherever Amit lives… however destiny took him to Sydney before us. Amit and Nige were soul mates.
Crystal (Nige’s) wife and I had a joke going – that if Amit wasn’t married to me… he would surely be married to Nigel. They were so so close. They’d do anything for each other and the world wouldn’t matter. Some time in college for about 3 years, they met each other every single evening… sitting with a beer and talking about the days happenings.
On Friday, Amit lost a part of him… He was totally shattered, shocked, devastated!! I don’t have the right words. Nigel meant a lot to both of us, for sure… but to Amit.. Nigel was his world!! There isn’t a single day that we don’t talk about what they did as kids.. I’ve heard so many stories… from both of them!! Amit hates chocolates.. and as a kid… he would always save his chocolates for Nigel. At our wedding, Nigel being the best man, whispered in my ear, “Patty, since you’ve come into Amit’s life, he doesn’t share his chocolates with me anymore” And we both laughed and then hugged.
I know Nigel will always remain in our hearts and his soul will always be close to Amit. Do say a little prayer for Mrs. Faye (Nige’s mom), Crystal, Amit & all their friends!! And life at its strangest, we celebrated another very close friend – Sunil’s birthday on Saturday. So tell me what did you do this weekend?? How did you celebrate life & love!! I’m going to be making most of my weekends from now on… so be prepared to be a part of my rocking weekends!! I'm away this week and will only be back on Monday in time for the next Weekend Wrap Up!! I'll miss you all!! I'll come back and check all your posts.... So join in the Weekend Wrap Up.... This is how you join the party -

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  1. is strange isn't moment you are celebrating birthdays and the next you are mourning a dear one's loss. I like your pictures , i think that say it all : Cherish Yesterday, Live today & Dream Tomorrow" I am praying for Nigel's family & also that the lovely set of friends you have...nothing ever changes & u guys remain the close, happy & mad group that you are.

  2. Im so sorry to hear about Nigel.Im sending my prayers to Nigels family.

  3. So sorry about your loss...good friends are hard to find, and my sympathies are with Amit, especially!

  4. That is so sad... my prayers too.

  5. May his soul rest in peace.. its endearing to read about such strong friendships.

  6. So sad Patty! My condolences to all of you! Good friends with whom you can chat and laugh and argue and sing are the best kind of friends! My heart goes out to the family and to Amit! My thoughts are with you! Love and hugs!

  7. Patty, my condolences to all of you and Nigel's family. A lovely post in his memory...truly beautiful.

  8. My prayers for Nigel's family and Amit. Sorry to hear about the loss. Not much words needed by me, since you have said it all.

  9. So sorry to hear of your loss Patty. Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones...

  10. oh my!! seems like i m missing out on the it too late to join the party...or do i wait for the weekend?

  11. just read thru the entire post...sorry about the loss...cant say more right now :(

  12. I am sorry to hear about your loss. You and your friend's family will be in my prayers.

  13. Hi Patty, this is my first comment at your space though I have been a lurker for about a month now.
    Sorry to hear about the loss. My dear friend in Melbourne is undergoing a critical operation and I am yet to hear from her. While sending prayers for her, I shall also pray for your friend's family. Any loss is heartbreaking. May God give you guys strength.

  14. Sorry to hear about your loss.
    May his soul RIP. Huggs.
    Linked my weekend crafty sessions.


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