Tuesday 12 October 2010

A Batua weekend

My first entry for 'Weekend Wrap Up' Party is from Harshita... I say first, coz she enjoys a Friday-Saturday weekend, and sent this across to me on Sunday... Totally made my day!! Thank you love!!
I literally wrapped up a present I made for a very good friend. I made my first ever batua (little purse or pouch) for her birthday and slipped in a couple of jewelry peices she liked from my creations. The batua is a little smaller than a rugby ball. Since this is my first ever, there are tons of flaws in it but I've learnt from them and should come up with something better next time!! *smiles*
So here I am sharing the pic and wrapping up my weekend.
The batua was so beautiful... that I had to request for a tutorial... So here goes.. And if do try it out... dont forget to share some pics with Harshita & me!!
You will need:
1. 2 x 28" diameter velvet fabric (non-stretchable variety) and preferably in contrasting colours
2. 1 x 28" diameter thing cotton fabric for lining the velvet.
3. 2 x 24" strong drawstrings.
Beads to make a tassel at the end of the drawstring.
Sewing machine
Thread spools of both colours (of chosen fabric)
  1. Place both velvet fabrics with the right sides facing each other and place the cotton fabric on it. All these should be aligned.
  2. Run a stitch leaving half an inch of seam around this and leave about 4 inches of this open so you can pull of the fabric and reverse it to have thevelvet on top.
  3. Once the fabric has been reversed, run a hand stitch (carefully to co-ordinate with the rest of the stitches) to cover the 4 inches you left toreverse the fabric.
  4. Once done, leave a further 3 and a half inches of seam and run 2 parallel stitches around the roundels you now have (this would resemble a quilt)
  5. At this stage I ran a clustered zig-zag on my sewing machine with the inner fabric colour for a wee sneak of the colour on the outside but you could add sequins, mirrors, rhinestones etc. Ensure you do not disturb the parallel stitches you ran as those are meant for the drawstrings to go through. Any stitches embroidery you make may block the passage.
  6. Once done, make eyelets to run your drawstrings. This has to be done between the 2 parallel stitches you made. I made 16 of these by snipping theouter fabric and the lining carefully. I then secured these eyelets ('cos of the fraying edges) with a button hole stitch.
  7. Once the eyelets are ready, run the drawstring through and out and secure them at the end by making bead, fabric, pom pom tassels. Anything that fancies you.
  8. Ta-da!

I thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial... I hope you did too!!! Dont forget the Weekend Wrap Up link is open till Wednesday... so go and join the party!!


  1. So cute! and very luxe!

    btw Patty, I love your header.........spooky! :)

  2. Lovely :)
    Will mail my pics tomorrow. n I love the Halloween header.

  3. Fabulous header!! There is so much talent out there..wow!!

  4. So Patty and Harshi met,...so glad for you my friends. Now i am waiting for early next year to meet you all...:-)

  5. Thank you so much Patty! This totally made my morning :)
    Anpu, we've been meeting daily, virtually and will catch up one day and really really glad to know you are coming down. love to you and Patty...thanks again Patty. x

  6. It's simply gorgeous and in my favourite colour combination of turquoise and chocolate! I am so totally envious of how talented you are Harshi and so very grateful to be the recipient of this batua :)))

  7. Ïts very pretty!!! Very creative way of spending a weekend!!!

  8. wow...thats a pretty batua! Patty ..you header is too cute!

  9. Hi Patricia...

    Oooh...your patua bag is simply gorgeous! Of course, I didn't know that this is what they were called...a patua bag! Hehe! My friend, it's lovely and I'm sure that your friend will just adore her beautiful gift! Not only is she getting a nice gift of jewelry but she will also have this lovely bag as well! I love this idea! Thank you for sharing it and the tutorial with us!!!

    I just wanted to come by to say thank you for stopping in to take a peek at my Cinderella sweater pumpkins! I always enjoy your visits and sweet notes, my friend!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  10. Beautiful, Beautiful Batua! What a unique way to gift someone- a gift within a gift :)

  11. What a crafty little share! I love it! Thank you!


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