Friday 1 October 2010

Looking for you...

Hello my lovelies… Here is an invitation for all of you!! As my blog is heading towards being 2 years old (sometime in January)… I want to open it up for ‘contributors’. With Shilpa on board, its given me confidence that its fun to share this space with others. So I’m looking for YOU and am looking to share my blog with you… and call it ‘our’ blog! You can be an existing blogger, a non décor / design blogger or someone who wants to venture into blogging… Please read the criteria below and let me know if you’d like to join the fun… Email me on
  1. Posts should be restricted to décor (home décor, birthday décor, table décor – any type of décor), design, interiors, DIYs, creative ideas.
  2. All posts should definitely be original
  3. Photographs should be original. If you are not an avid photographer… don’t worry too much!! You will become one, once you join the Colours Dekor gang!! No pics from magazines please!!
Email me with the following details -
  1. Name and blog name (if you are a blogger)
  2. A short introduction of yourself (only so I get to know you better)
  3. A short description of the types of posts you intend to do. For example, I started off the year with ‘co-blogger of the month’, ‘green tip of the month’ and ‘5 steps to’… But simply couldn’t stick to it… So if your posts would be about a particular subject or if you have any ideas … email the details and we can discuss!!
  4. a time line - will you post weekly, monthly, etc???
Yes... I'm still a bit confused about the decor in my house. I'm trying very hard to stick to my 'lotus inspired room' theme... But cant find anything... Its been a while now that I'm drifting towards a pink and purple mood... Are you with me on this??
The October theme was going to be ‘Kitchen love’ as suggested by Sumathy. But I’ve decided to stop the inlinkz monthly party… I had four emails from friends / readers telling me its way too much stress to link into these parties on different blogs they like equally and risk upsetting a blogger friend (I thought it was funny… ). I’m pleased you feel confident to share your thoughts with me… and I truly appreciate it.
So I’ve decided to have a permanent inlinkz party… *grin* but more about that later…
For now, can all you lovely people link into to The Key Bunch’s Kitchen theme for the month of October. You can continue to email me on of pictures of anything in your house (anything at all) that you want me to see or share on my blog… You know its more your blog than mine!!! *smiles*


  1. I am loving all the "lotus" hints in your pics! Be it the hints of fuchsia or the actual flower itself! I can't wait to see how the room comes up! What a lovely idea to share your blog with everybody!

    psst: Whats the permanent link party all about..tell tell :)

  2. Dying for your lotus tealight holders!

    I want a blog party. Themes:

    the festivals.
    art around the home.

    See, no clash with other bloggers. Pick a theme for october and go with it. I had so much fun blog hopping because of your parties, it's a shame to stop now, patty. I command you to re-initiate the fun!

  3. Looking forward to all the new stuff:-) Love the pictures!!

  4. Hi, I follow your blog for a while now, and it is most pleasant to visit here and get inspired by some of your ideas!!! Now I decided to give you a little "mimo" on my handcraft blog, I would be very happy if you could step by and grab it! Thanks, hugs, José

  5. new things comingup and its going to be fun....hope to see a lot of vibrant colours and posting..

  6. "Our blog"!!! What an innovative concept!

    The monthly parties were so much fun but I certainly respect your decision. Keep us posted on the permanent inlinkz one.

  7. :) what a fab idea of "our blog".. U shud not stop the linking party pls... I had a lot of fun going through different ideas on a common theme.
    N I loveeeeeeeeeee pink.. fushia n greens and yellow. Share the pics soon.

  8. Oh that's a shame Patty....and a common theme would have made it easier for ppl to participate:)

    but i totally understand the stress :) it does happen! to everyone who feels the stress, I would say it's okay not to participate - but for those who like to showcase their homes, this is the 'push' factor that will get them to delurk, and maybe work up the courage to showcase a bit of their homes?

    Anyway Pats, I enjoyed your parties, and yeh! for the permanent blog party:)


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