Monday 25 October 2010

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 3

Hello my lovelies, thank you to all who joined in last weeks Weekend Wrap Up. I’ll come by and check your posts this week for sure! Can you tell by the below picture where I spent my weekend?? I’ve featured this gorgeous home before!! Last week was a roller coaster ride of emotions… I’ll try and talk about all the happy moments. From being in my favourite city … and spending some mad moments with my brother … (we cried and we laughed together)… Here is my Mosaic Monday!
To saying goodbye to a very close to our soul friend!! Why are good byes always so difficult? To not see him at the airport… or to think that we’ll never see an email from him again… or not receive another drunken call…. was something we just couldn’t come to terms with.
Then meeting and making new friends for life… and eating some awesome – awesome food!! From pretty ribbon sandwiches, to patties, from vindaloo and shank shank (Goan food) to Hyderabadi biryani.
I also spent some great moments at Aparna’s home. It was fabulous to meet her and her lovely family. We chatted and laughed as though we’ve known each other for ages.. Her home was simply gorgeous… just like in the home tour… and she specially put out these candles for me.. *smiles*
Then I got to see some of her work… oh gosh!! It is even prettier than seeing the photographs.. Do check out her link ‘Nine by Thirty’ and ofcourse liking it will only motivate and encourage her to do more!! Spreading the word around means she could do some business… so go on!! *smiles* I’m going to work today… my heart is still in Sydney.. But you know what you need to do… Be a part of the Weekend Wrap Up party… This is my Sunday song - What a wonderful world (also played at the Chapel before Nigel's cremation).
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The link is open for 3 days… so don’t be lazy… Let us know what you did over the weekend.. We’d love to know you better!!

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Please note, you DO NOT have to be a follower of my blog to join the party.. I'd love to see you here!! For all my non blogger friends, please email me on pictures and a write up of your Weekend happenings… and I’d love to see you here too!!

And here is a huge thank you... to all those who come to my blog... see it... leave comments... send emails... Thank you!! for bringing that smile to my face!! *hugs*


  1. Good to have you back Patty!!!

    So jealous of your meeting with Aparna. Is she as fascinating in real life(no don't answer that, I think I know the answer). Those tealights are to die for! :)

  2. missed you & your posts!

    Glad you could say your good byes & hellos. What a lovely post capturing both the sad & happy parts of life. Loved Aparna's tealights.

  3. patty, how can u be so generous with words? I wish we had met under happier circumstance, but am over the moon to have met u either ways. U are exactly the way i had imagined u to be. :) Happy, effervescent, giggly,fun and warm :). Thank you for ceaselessly promoting 9/30 and for encouraging me in more than one way. I hope some of your near and dear ones are pleasantly surprised this Christmas ;)

  4. @gb: you make me fell so good :D. 'Fascinating' is that the word u used above? NO one has ever said that, EVER. Thank you :)

  5. Beautiful, Patty! All the photos are gorgeous.

  6. Hello, There is a surprise waiting for you at my place!

  7. Missed you! Glad to have you back! :)

  8. Welcome back patty!!!!
    Yes it is always difficult to say the goodbyes. I just read a sign yesterday " Closeness has nothing to do with the distance" . he will always live on in all of your memories.

  9. what happened to the inlinkz???


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