Wednesday 6 October 2010

Me & my kitchen....

I'm rather useless when it comes to doing things in the kitchen... Which basically means... I cant cook to save my life *smiles*.... And if you are ever invited for dinner... *grin* .... I promise to order Pizzas !! My little birdies invite you into my house... On the kitchen window sill..
Inside the kitchen I've got random stuff... Anything that looks pretty to me...
These are my chai holders... which are often used as dessert servers... And they go down really well with guests...
Another cabinet top.... has anything & everything.... that I like... The little bottle was a gift from my cousin... The matkas are from my numerous matkas of chai with Anamika... I think one of them was a lassi matka.... when Rose & I went to Bombay Chowpatti... *smiles*... These are my gossip girls... :-)
A closer look for you.... The other random items are either gifts... or collectibles from travels to India..
The big pickle jar was a gift from my cousin Sharath.... I thought he was absolutely mad to bring it... But I totally loved the thought!! :-)
The smaller jars are used to serve pickles...
Oh... and I had to showcase a few of my lanters... from that mad lantern weekend!!
This radio is a gift as well... from a dear-dear friend.. Isn't it so gorgeous?
The fridge is a mess.... always.... Everything from diets, cocktails, kids schedule, party invites, school notices... goes up here... for all to see!!
I'm linking this post to The Kitchen Party at the Key Bunch... and Heart of the Home Party... So go on and join them there...
I'm having a rather mad week... so have been off blog world... For those who are missing me... *grins* I will visit you soon..... Hope you all are having a fabulous week...


  1. Oh Patty, if I come over, I'll cook for ya! promise! :)

    Love your little matkas and matkis....I miss this small space above the kitchen cabinets in this house, here the cabinets are flush against the ceiling. Maybe I have older photographs, will have to dig them up for the show n tell!

  2. Hey Patty, Do you want me to send you some receipes...these are easy ones, but are healthy and taste delicious. My folks pig out out and i love it when they do justice to my cooking.
    That kitchen is yours, so fill it up with all the knick knacks, you love and care abt.
    here is an easy easy recipe, that is quick and swadisht:
    -Akki [Rice in Kanada] roti ith jat phat sambhar

    1) Take 4 cups of rice flour into a mixing vessel. To make this healthy, you can add powdered Oats, Ragi powder, Jowar powder, etc…
    2) Add finely chopped Onion pieces -similar to how you cut onions for Bhel…or make your Amu cut it for you:-))). Add finely choppedcilantro/dhania leaves.
    Else just throw in frozen, or fresh Peas, Corn, thinly Grated carrots instead of Onions
    3) Add 1 teaspoon Jeera, pinch of Hing, some seasame seeds [has lots of calcium! so be liberal] and salt to taste
    4) Add some warm water and and 1 tablespoon of warm oil and mix to form a dough~roti consitency. Take some mutti bhar dough and make balls of thisdough. You can also add butter 2-3 tablespoons…and this tastes YUMMY
    5) wet a tissue, take a ball and pat it to make a thin, flat parata kind of roti. Make a hole in the middle of the parata.
    6) Heat your tawa/saucepan, and ultafy the rice parata. Lightly grease the sides and a dash of oil in the middle.You can place a lid to cover, if you wish
    7) Turn the rice parata when the underside turns golden…
    8) Serve with your favorite vegetable, dhal, or can eat it with just butter

    -When my fav people come,I add a dash of makhan in 6 and 7….sssh, don’t tell them…:-)

    Now for the sambhar:
    take the vessel that fits into your cooker:
    1) take some oil, add mustard seeds
    2) once it splutters, add onions slices fry a little,add tovar dhal, potato cubes, tomato pieces,haldi, salt, sambhar powder [i swear by MTR sambhar powder],a lil tamarind, add 2 cups of water
    3) Place the vessel in the cooker. wait for 2 whistles...
    4) remove the vessel...and eat it with the roti or rice
    sorry for the long post...:-(((

  3. Your Kitchen is so pretty with all the wonderful things in over the cabinet!! I like the silver wine near the window. I am gonna steal the idea!!

  4. those chai holders patty

  5. I love all your knick-knacks on top of the cabinets. Those are beautifully arranged.

  6. love the big pickle jar and the chai holders..

  7. very nice... luv the cute little birdies and the lanterns....

  8. Patty, I love all the knick knacks in your kitchen! Thank u so much for this post!:)

    I am not much of a cook either, and I have studiously copied Anpu's recipe. I love akki rotti, and I never knew it was that easy to make it. Thanks, Anpu!:)

    I really love your radio, pickle jar, chai holders - gosh you have so many of them! I am still trying to find mine!:(

  9. Gosh! All the stuff is so beautiful. I looked over everything twice to drool. The matkis, the lanterns.. my favourtite is the chai glass servers! Where did you get them from? I would love to get my hands on them! So nice of your cousin to bring the pickle jar all the way! I keep thinking of getting one, but never thought it would survive the flight- your cousin gives me hope!

  10. ahh love your kitchen Patty. i also have one of those chai holders...the lanterns look great.

  11. I could spend hours in your kitchen, Patty! So beautiful. Where did you get the chai holders from?

  12. Lovely blog u have here.Love ur kitchen pics!! !found the link at the keybunch kitchen event.Glad to be foll ur blog. Do drop by mine at .Thanks

  13. Patricia, I loved all the knick knacks on your kitchen cabinets! Wish there was some space above the cabinets in my kitchen... :(

    And yes, I loved the chai-stands! They are so much more easier when it comes to serving a number of cups. No spilling, no balancing the tray!

  14. Your kitchen is beautiful, full of knick-knacks. All so tastefully arranged.

  15. nice collection...loved the jaadi

  16. Hey I love all the fantastic pieces you have, especially the chai holder...! Love your kitchen too.

  17. I love those tea holders... I think im gonna have to buy one ! the idea is wonder ur guests love it. Also the lanterns r so pretty ! U have a really gud sense of decor :)

  18. Hi Patti,

    Pizza make a good company dinner. It's the visit that's important.

    Please come and check out my book giveaways.

  19. Patty, you have very nice that birdies, big pickle jar, chai holders, lanterns...ohh i love everything:)

  20. You have a a collection of really nice stuff. Was looking for indian kitchens and saw your blog pic. Would love to see the rest of the Kitchen. The birds are just so pretty! Was wondering how u manage to keep those knick knacks dust free. BTW, there seem to be so many interesting topics youve blogged about, definitely will revisit.


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