Monday 2 May 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 29

Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance
but disappear when you get up close to them.
~John Shirley
I don't know about you... but my weekends are like rainbows for sure!! Here is a outline of my busy and hectic weekend... I used to think week days are horrid, but now my weekends seem to be matching up to my week days!! *sigh*
On Thursday ... we went to Pizza Express (picture above) for a bloggers meet.. It was lovely to meet with Geetha, Asha, Richa, Harshita and Rose... We chatted away like old friends...
Then Rose & I headed off to my cousins 2nd birthday party... We partied till early hours of the morning...
Friday morning... was back to work... I had some stuff to complete prior to month end... After which the girls & I went off shopping to Festival City & Mirdiff Citi Center... I was totally exhausted...
Early evening, we had another 1st birthday to attend... The little girls ~ Jamina is the most gorgeous little girl ever!!
After loads of driving around town ... Alita (my cousin), Rose & I .... went away to our regular hide out... ~ Carribou Cafe.. They have the yummiest.. 'chocolate mint coffee'... Try this one with dark chocolate... yuuummm... heaven it is!! That's me ... in the pic above... in my Indian gear... (which is rare) *smiles*
Saturday.... was Sim's (my older ones)... First Holy Communion... The church was filled with 400 children... so much of excitement... such a buzz!! The kids look so so pretty... like little angels....
We didn't have much of a celebration.. Some last minute decor... and a family lunch get together... to celebrate this occasion... Pics will be posted sometime this week.. *smiles*

Hope you are joining in the.... Weekend Wrap Up .... !! .. I'd love to see what your rainbow looks like.. !! ~~
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  1. Your weekend was really nice and interesting.
    I wish you a nice and pleasant Monday dear Paty!
    Best regards and a kiss from Croatia:)

  2. Packed weekend indeed Patty, but am so glad to have begun my weekend with all of you. :-) Chocolate mint coffee it is on my next trip to Caribou. :-)

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  4. and ofcourse a special congrats for Sim and you :-) xo

  5. Oh !!! I get exhausted reading your weekend posts :-) Always jam packed. Do all these bloggers live in Saudi. That must have been fun. Congrats to Sims.

  6. Oh patty, nice quote about weekends! the same here weekends just disappear:-)
    Congrats to Sim! Nice picture! 400 is a big number! It would have been great!

  7. wow the bloggers meet thats something nice to hear...hope it will bring more wonderful posts coz of u guyz discussion...

  8. wow...looking forward to more pictures. its always fun to read your weekend wrap ups.

  9. Patricia, I’m passing ‘The Stylish Blogger’ award to you. I will feel glad if you accept it and pass it on


  10. Congratulations for your daughter's communion! Looks like you had a special weekend. I added my link here and thanks for hosting the party. Have a lovely week!~Poppy

  11. Congrats Patty to Sim and your family :)

  12. I hv always loved girls dressed in those fairy white dresses... makes them angelic! N u sound pulling off a big event like its no biggie! Hats offf!!!!

  13. Thank you Patricia :-) And *Hugs* for following, you are the first :P

  14. was lovely to meet up here..I am also drooling at what I see on that plate..should visit Caribou soon..ash


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