Friday 5 August 2011

Bangle Organizer - made with a metal hanger

Hello bangle-likers :)
I've got a pretty good collection of colourful metallic bangles and I have always been out of ideas on how to store them neatly in a way that I can find the colours I want together, each time.
A friend on one of the online communities I am a part of, suggested this idea of using a metal hanger..
You have to twist open the hanger so that you get one free end by which you can put the bangles in.
Beware though, it's a lil tough task if you are anywhere close to being as delicate a daisy as I am :P
Voila, insert bangles and you're done. This is just one set that I did. Isn't it interesting? :)
Another look at the twist.
Did you enjoy this creative idea? Do you have any more bangle storage ideas that you want to share? Do write me a comment :)


  1. A very easy yet functional idea... You may want to use a cutting plier, if you do have one, for easily getting those required twists !

  2. Good one! Now i need to find a metal hanger, all the ones i have are either wood / plastic!

  3. fun! i just get the men's pant hangers and that has multiple rows for my bangles!

  4. I had similar hanger turned bangle holder when I was in India..its great idea.

  5. I have always liked this idea. My mom had a couple of hangers which she used to for her bangles.

  6. I do it a little different . I get these beautiful paper mache boxes in ross or marshalls or joann and such stores. I take U or V shaped metal brackets and stick them with super glue on both sides inside the box . Then I cut bamboo sticks to size and fit them in the brackets... my bangle box is ready. This way, my bangles dont get tousled around and no worries of dust either. If u r interested, i can send pics.


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