Monday 8 August 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 43

Hello my lovelies... so how have you been?? Do you think I should rename the weekend wrap up?? I had a few comments and emails, from you... stating you'd like to link in more than just your weekend happenings... That sounds awesome!! So what should I call it?? Oh.. Here is our new pet... Betty.. She was found in our garden, and has decided she belongs there.. The girls totally love her, so have built her this little cardboard home.. One of the boxes is painted by Yva.. and one by Sims.. So now, we have Bumble.. and Betty... What do you think??
Oh.. and I got this from Phuket.. What do you think?? Isn't it so so pretty.. I dont really like where I've placed it at the moment.. *sigh*..
It was also my cousin's birthday... so we had a fabulous time... From swimming, to shopping, to dinner... *sigh*... Where do my weekends disappear!!!
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~ Patricia


  1. Cute cat house. Loved the elephants! Linking my post for weekend wrap up.

  2. This blog is becoming one Monday Morning addiction :)... I am reminded of the two kittens that I used to raise for a short while years back... Cats can be so adorable ! Enjoy your time with Betty !

  3. Cute home for cute cat!
    Have a nice week, kisses:)

  4. Wow ! Betty is a cutie...She reminds me of the small kitten we had at home... I love those colorful cardboard boxes... Both Yva and Sims have done a great job.... Howz bumble coping up with the new addition ;-) ;-)

  5. Yes Patricia I have often dropped in to your blog and though once a day dear I cant link up the project as it was not done in the weekend. at my home weekend when the whole family is home is the craziest and busiest though best time and no crafting gets done.
    you can call it Patricia's link up party!

  6. nice home for Betty:) cute - Betty and Bumble ! Treasure from Phuket is awesome...

  7. awww betty is a cutie :) colourful home for Betty too !!
    All your treasures are awesome including this one from phuket:)

  8. Cute, lucky is Betty to have her own hand-designed home:):) As for a name, how about "Show Me Yours":):) Yes, I know, I am naughty:)


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