Thursday 25 August 2011

Shelf Stories ~ Nirmala

You've seen Nirmala and Krupanandh’s home in Bangalore in 'a thousand words'.... now they join us with Shelf Stories. Nirmala has been a teacher and has always been a booklover. A kind of booklover that ensured a space in her lovely home was dedicated for a comfortable and relaxing book-time whenever she needed to. The fact that she shares this space with a puja area and a serene buddhascape only shows the love and respect she has for books and reading.
Hope you are truly enjoying this series... Do let me know!!


  1. I love the bright colored walls and the lighter floor. It sets off the bright sunshine of India! I am loving this series. We get to see shelves that hold various items. Very nice.


  2. Very Very Nice ! Thanks for Sharing Patty! I just hope I am in time to send you some of my shelf stories :)

  3. This Shelf from fab india is a her space.

  4. These shelves are really pretty :)

  5. The shelf is beautiful and I really like it's placement.


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