Sunday 21 August 2011

Shelf Stories ~ Richa

Joining in today is Richa who blogs at Clouds - Rain And Sunshine

These are the pictures of the shelf in our new home. Earlier that wall was empty and then I put up the black shelf which got along well with the black coloured furniture in the living room.

Last week we got these amazing stickers and put them below the wall. I have chosen different shades of pink as the colour theme of the living room and thus I thought the stickers would be apt for this space.

I like the look of this new home maker... Don't you... ?? Some images remind me of when we started making a home together... the nervousness of even putting up one shelf... or choosing the colours... *sigh*.. We've come a long way...
Good luck to you Richa... Keep enjoying your new home.. and continue doing it up with such passion and love...


  1. Simple yet beautiful...lovely stickers. Rug with cushion reminds me of my first home after marriage:) Those were the days, each and every little things cherished.

  2. Very simple and elegant... Hope it is at such a height that people do not bang their heads while trying to get up from the floor seating. Love the splash of purple on the wall and the rug !!!

  3. Thank you all and big hug to Patty for this. :-)

  4. What a cozy corner created at home...the chioce of rug is especially nice.


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