Wednesday 31 August 2011

Shelf Stories ~ Finale

Thank you all... for linking in!! Truly thrilled with all the responses we received for this... So thank you... here is a quick round up!!

The first entry - Designing life !!

A few stunning shelves from Happy to be home!!

The fabulously kitschy kitchen at Home Canvas

Dont miss the book space... on Clouds Rain and Sunshine!

My Dream Canvas joined in one afternoon... *smiles*

And a perfect home mantra @ Home Shanthi Home

Last but surely not the least... Oorvi showed off her stunning shelf...

Notyet100 joined in just in time, with her knick knack shelves.. She also shows off her stunning kitchen!!

Another stunner by Cherish Dream Live...

Go on and check their posts.. and like I always say.. Do comment.. Its always nice to know you dropped by... *smiles*..

And when you are done.. do check out the other Shelf Stories... In the spotlight!!

Looking forward to all of you joining the September ~ In the Spotlight series... *smiles*... See you here tomorrow....


  1. You got great contributions to this series!

  2. I lake it!
    Have a nice day:)

  3. Fabulous series Patty, looking forward to the next one:):)

  4. That was a cool round up patty, Yess looking forward to the next one :-)

  5. amazing ths series

  6. I'm looking forward for the next series :)


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