Thursday 11 August 2011

Shelf Stories ~ Shuba

Joining us today, is Shuba!! You've seen her home tour and you've seen her join in for 'walls with character' .... .. and now witness her Shelf Stories.. *smiles*
Over to Shuba ~

Hello my lovelies…starting off in Patty’s style, I have to warn you that I am not a writer nor a photographer so my apologies first before you go through the whole post.

This post is about shelves and how I have used them in our home. There is no right or wrong way to any design or decor solution. Infact it is a matter of personal choices and how much it appeals to you after all it is your own home. These are some words of wisdom from another friend blogger.
"I think when a house reflects the owner's personality and is filled with things they love instead of what fashion or trends dictate, then it cannot be anything but lovely!"

Our home is a classic example of how function followed form. We picked up an old home…form existed. It had to look good so function followed and shelves followed. Infact every single surface has been used to display all my knick knacks and to display more I have actually drilled more holes into the walls. Did you know.. Home depot and Lowes are in my top ten list is of my favorite stores? Yes, yes you actually read it right.

My thought and execution process works just like a government office. Starts off with a preliminary proposal, gets reviewed by higher authorities read as husband dear, then plan and money gets sanctioned then work gets done in full force which is one thing that does not work like a government office. I believe that this a real good way to work . It has helped me keep things longer and I have saved myself some bucks too!

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  1. Love that mini corner shelf...and the beautiful collection of Lord Ganesh ! White is certainly a neat color for open shelves...

  2. Lovely shelf collections, some of the things displayed are really eye catching. Even I am big collector of things that attract my attention, I just buy them and then break my brains as to where I can display them.Sometimes they all look so crowded and mis matched, but I can't have them any other way.
    Nice to meet you here at Patty's blog, and thanks Patty for always coming up with wonderful ideas.

  3. Fantastic! Loved the peacock mirror.


  4. lovely shelf tour.I liked your take on work proposal plan and the same way here too.YOur higher authority is renamed here as The lighthouse :)The more it blinks green the better for me !! :)and yes home depot and lowes are addictive stores.

  5. I love the corky items on the shelf!

  6. special love for the specs holder (2nd pic).. the inky pinky ponky animals (3rd pic).. and brass mirror with ganesha (4th pic) :)

  7. Great ideas, and interesting and unique the parallel drawn to workings of a government office!

  8. Lovely shelf spaces Shuba...your home is very interesting...

  9. fabulous, specs holder and built in self r so gorgeous....

  10. she has very nice space...particularly love tht corner shelf..


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