Tuesday 2 August 2011

In the Spotlight ~ Shelf Stories

Have you been enjoying the 'In the Spotlight' series ?? I sure have!! Its lovely to see all the entries coming in.. and a peek into your gorgeous homes!!
In the spotlight for the month of August is ~ Shelf Stories .... So tell me the stories of all your shelves... I've not been able to put up shelves as yet in my new nest... *sigh*.. Just cant seem to find the right shelves... or the correct place to put them up!! These shot glasses are in a box somewhere...
These pics are of my old home... The new tenants loved the peacock wall, the orange wall and these shelves.. and begged me to leave them behind for them... And thats what I did!! Hence I didn't bring the shelves to the new home... which was another reason for not show casing these shot glasses...
Saying that... by the end of this series.. I'm hoping to put them on some shelves... and share some pics with you...
I have the heart of a child....
I keep it in a jar on my shelf.
~ Robert Bloch
Will you be joining the In the Spotlight series open all of August?? Share your 'Shelf Stories' by linking your blog posts here... or simply email me on torresp27@hotmail.com
On your way... Grab the button as well... *smiles*
Colours Dekor


  1. Wonderful theme this time too , Patty!!:)

  2. Beautiful theme for the month Patty! Where do you come up with all these ideas? Lovely!!

  3. Beautiful Patty...lovely bold orange wall and pretty shelves!! Inspiring... :-)

  4. ohhhhhhh i love the theme..
    Though I don't have any pretty shelves at home, i'll b on the lookout for some innovative ideas.

  5. wonderful...love everything in the pic patty!

  6. you have big heart to let go of those gorgeous shelves ;) And your shot glass collection is absolute droolworthy...

  7. OOOh, I have a huge collection f the same kind of shot glasses from all over the world. I havent travelled much but hubster gets to travel for work and picks them up whenever he can. I have now so many that I am sick of them and have packed them all away. But I plan to display them in the guest loo now so that whoever happens to be answering nature's call can have some entertaining thoughts induced by the sight of those glasses. Hope none of your readers get grossed out. Oooops!

  8. Great initiative Patty, glad to join in. hugs Anu


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