Tuesday 30 August 2011

My home.... featured!!

A few new pictures of my home... featured on Designing Life today... This is my new found, favourite design blog.... so go on... check out her posts.... and don't forget to comment!! Its always encouraging and motivating to see comments... Makes all the time you spend on blogger worthwhile... So thank you loves!! *smiles*

Have you seen a few pictures of my home on Prismma?? I totally loved the new format, so you must go check those out as well... and hey... leave a comment... coz I'd like to know what you think too... *smiles*

Prismma is my new addiction as well... so go on and follow their page... coz they feature some awesome homes, amazing design and decor tips... etc..


  1. Patricia I am so excited for you!! I love it all!

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    Art by Karena

  2. Congrats ! on not just one but 2 features! Yay! your gorgeous home surely deserves it! keep it up!

  3. Hey Patricia, thanks for choosing Designing Life to feature latest pictures of your home. as i said before, your home is stunning!...even my husband loved it who rarely reads blogs, apart from cricket blogs of course ;-)
    Designing Life is a baby in blog land and needs to be nurtured elder blogs likes Color Dekor!

  4. Went and checked it out already on Sonam's blog....awesome pictures!

  5. off to check on Sonam's blog...

  6. I am not sure if I like the jharokha more or the jhoola or the wall of frames. I just love it!

    P.S I was not able to comment on the other blog

  7. That is lovely Patty, I have so many favorites in your home - from the first swing you started with to the latest CD rack. Love your energy and I am curious as to what the teal wall is going to hold :-)

  8. Coming over from Designing Life. You have a lovely house, Patricia and you deserve all the appreciation.

    The pillow in you bedroom gives me an idea for your teal wall.. how about painting a peacock feather?

  9. Love your blog!! I get my daily source of inspiration from you . Can you also show how you made the magnet display in the guest room..

    Thanks a bunch!


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