Tuesday 16 August 2011

Shelf Stories ~ Wajida

Joining us with her 'Shelf Stories' today is Wajida, who lives in Dubai ... Her shelves talk about her travel and curious collected from all over the world!!
Don't you simply love the orange wall...
A closer look at some of her collection....
This is placed in the corner of the wall... Isn't the grouping stunning??!!
Totally... love this necklace in the bowl... gorgeous!!
A complete look... specially for you!! ~ ~
So are you joining in with your Shelf Stories ....


  1. Wow..so beautiful. I love the wall...Collection is so great.All knick knacks are so pretty. Patty, How about her home tour??;)

  2. I LOVE the wall. I used to travel a lot and do non stop shopping. But when I moved to US, i kept all those at my parents place .. and now I miss it. This looks so lovely and classy !

  3. Orange wAll looks so pretty luved her shelf

  4. Gorgeous shelf against the orange wall. And so beautifully put together:):)

  5. Thanks Patricia for visiting my blog and commenting..it did make my day!

    Love the orange wall and shelves..Its looking so pretty!!

  6. She has such beautiful things to adorn her shelf!! Loved that small wooden chest kinda box.


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