Friday 7 June 2013

Artist ~ Asha (Tajore paintings ~ 3)

Yes, I can't believe this is Third series of Asha's paintings. Have you seen part 1 and part 2 ... 

If you have... you should know by now that her style of Tajore paintings are truly different and unique... 

The minute one says Ravi Varma, what strikes my mind is Damayanthi and I had to do it. 

Needless to say, any one can get inspired by Indian gems and jewels. Here, you can see a traditional sought Indian head dress. a bangle ( kada ) and a bejeweled sword.

Now isn't that inspiring?? 

Well this is what I saved for the end... I can't beleive that here is Egypt in Tajore... 

Now.. isn't this wow!! 

Do share your comments, suggestions, opinions... I'm sure Asha would be thrilled to hear from you... 


  1. Oh wow...simply the 6th one the most....inspiring!

  2. Very cool! and what an entirely different take on tanjore paintings! kudos to her talent!
    I am paying a tribute to tanjore paintings myself on Aalayam this week and it was interesting to catch this series


  3. They are beautiful Asha! Indeed Art has no borders! The Egyptian paintings are as incredible using Tanjore style of painting!

    1. Dear Priti, Deepa n Reshma,
      Thank you very much for appreciating my work!
      Dear Patty,
      A BIG thanks to you too!

  4. Wow..these all are amazing. beautiful work Asha!

  5. Loved them all!:) Off to read the first 2 in the series now!


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