Wednesday 12 June 2013

DIY : newspaper Lady Bug

When I saw Diana Crasta's blog, I simply had to share it with you... Another bundle of talent ... a qualified interior designer ... who during her spare time passionately makes gorgeousness from junk.... 

Sharing today, is her tutorial - making a Lady Bug from newspaper... This can even be used as a gift box... 

Take a ‘four pages’ newspaper. Fold it from the center. Fold it again from the center. Cut through the center (the previous fold). After cutting you will get four such strips. Start rolling from one end of the strip with the help of a knitting needle. Keep tightening it while rolling. Once you cross the center of the strip, take it in your hands and continue rolling. At first some will find this rolling a bit difficult and tiring but it becomes easier as you proceed. Put glue at the end and roll to finish it. After finishing it will look like this. Let’s call this a ‘roll’ for our reference. Some points which you need to remember while rolling: Keep tightening, try to make the roll as long as possible. The ladybug which I am making now is a small one. So for this I’ll need around 15 rolls.

Take a roll and flatten it except for the end portion (around 4 inches). Measure 1 inch, fold and glue it.
Start rolling it without putting glue as shown in the picture. Once you reach the end of the roll put little glue inside the roll. Take another roll and insert it inside the first one. Again flatten the roll (including the joint) except for the end portion. Repeat the process and continue rolling. Remember that the shape you get should be oval. I have used around 7 rolls. Now put pressure from one side to get a dome kind of a structure. Let’s call this a ‘dome’ for our reference. The outside portion of the ‘dome’. 

Make another dome but a smaller one this time. I used 4 rolls for the smaller piece. Now we will make the legs of the ladybug. Take a roll and flatten it. Measure half an inch, fold and glue it. For the ‘dome’ we had not put glue before rolling. But this time we need to put glue and then roll it twice. Secure it with a clip till it dries. Take the smaller dome with its inside portion facing upwards. Measure its height and accordingly cut the roll to make the leg. See the next image for better visual clarity. Make four legs and glue them on the sides of the smaller dome.

Take a soft cardboard which can be rolled easily. Glue the cardboard around the legs and the dome as shown in the pictures below.

Now take a roll and glue it at the top edge of the cardboard. Now we will be covering the cardboard with a thick cloth thread as shown. Start winding the thread from below the roll at the edge which we glued just now. Continue winding it till you reach the legs.

Finish it by gluing the thread behind one of the legs. Now take a roll and wind it twice so that its diameter is smaller that of the rolled cardboard. After winding it twice cut the roll and glue to finish it. Glue it at the center of the bigger dome. This prevents the head of the ladybug from falling or slipping. The head & the body of the ladybug are ready. Follow the pictures below and paint accordingly. With a marker draw the outlines on the head or the bigger dome as shown in the pictures below. Follow the pictures below and paint accordingly.

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  1. Wonderful!btw am a fan of your blog.

  2. Oh I so love this craft and have been doing this since long. I have made number of things one such craft you can check out here:
    and here:

  3. This looks awesome but I guess requires lots of patience too :)

  4. what a treasure! lovely tutorial! Diana, I am coming over to your blog right away!:)

  5. Hi Disha, Richa, Nayana and Sharon...thrilled to know that you all loved my lady Bug... ;)...:) ...Nayana, you need loads n' loads of patience but I'm sure you will love doing it. And...thanks Patty for posting the tutorial...:)...!!

  6. Wow! I should try this with my girl!thanks for the link :)


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