Wednesday 26 June 2013

Inspiring corners

No prizes for guessing who this home belongs to... 

Yes, this home belongs to Preethi from IndyaKaleidoscope... Here are a few images of her old home... to inspire you... motivate you.. and make you want to start making your home look gorgeous... 

These are corners from her home that I totally envy... 

Simple, and easy decor ideas that anyone could create in their homes.. .

Her love for everything Indian is clearly visible in her store... 

and some of the stuff.. can be found in her gorgeous little store... 

Oh.. what can I say.. Total woman power!! 

I sure hope you found enough mid-week inspirations... *sigh*... 

If you've got such stunning corners... email me on


  1. such cue little corners always inspire me since I live in a small apartment myself!!

  2. Awesome, gorgeous, lovely, beautiful.....what else can I say. Nice home Prithi :)

  3. Gorgeous and cozy the wall art in the Kitchen" Diner choices"..I should have this in my house too.

  4. lol @ the funny quotes. And that brass jug on the table corner..loveeeeeee.

  5. If the upcoming fireworks and barbecues aren't enough to put a smile on your face


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