Wednesday 19 June 2013

Blog find ~ JustKraft

Finding a new inspiring blog is always an enriching experience... Today, Im introducing you to JustKraft a bundle of talent... and abundance of creative ideas...I'll pass the mic to Aditi ...

I am Aditi Agarwala Marketing Manager by profession, artist at heart and passionate dancer.  My life till now has been very fun filled with few ups and downs but I enjoyed it all.
I started traveling when I was just 5 years old. Having travelled almost whole of India, I am awed by the use of bold colors in households, temples, rickshaw and truck, graffiti’s, shops and everything I looked around. Bright colors like red, yellow, purple and even orange embracing the exteriors of small & cozy houses. After visiting places like Hampi, Kodaikanal, Mysore, Pipli and many more, I understood that these colors are taken from Nature itself.
All these trips helped me design this Diwali rangoli..

I found the vividness of handicraft to be the soul of Indian culture, tradition and thoughtfulness.
Artisans created not for earning but to feel the pleasure and bliss of colorful creation.
My fascination for colorful handmade kept growing with every trip of mine, be it traveling through big cities or small towns.  Photographs, Art, Design, Home-D├ęcor and Architecture of Incredible India inspired my creativity and inquisitiveness further to create and play with colors. 

I would say my deep rooted love for Indian Culture enticed me towards learning classical dance, music, painting and performing arts. These learnings gave me a new perspective to look at the various shades of life and present them through my handicrafts.
These are some happy moments……

 ……..these are some calmer moments!!

My idea of craft not always reflects utility aspect. For me it is way to define myself and communicate my thought process. Lot of thoughts conjure in my mind before I sit down for actually creating something.
So, while even giving gifts to friends and relatives I make sure it is handmade and very personalized which makes the person at the receiving end feel special.

I started my blog to archive all colorful creations which I come up with and also share about those I appreciate who have the urge for creation.
JustKraft is all about colors, beauty and handmade!!


  1. Wow...nice blog Aditi..good posts and awesome blog design

  2. The Rangoli is very fine.

  3. JustKraft: I thank Patty for featuring me on her blog and thank others for liking it!!


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