Thursday 5 May 2011

Eco Craft : Gift bag made out of Newspaper

Helloe lovelies!!!!
I'm off to India for a week to attend a family wedding and I am carrying a few gifts for some cousins - and decided to create gift bags!!
Even if you use newspaper, it's really important to choose nice sheets that already have a bit of design or abstract motifs so that all you really have to do is just add to them.
I stapled the sides of the newspapers after folding them up [no time and patience to glue it together]. I drew random designs and painted them in, the results were gorgeous!
This one in particular looked stunning, I felt!
The bag is now filled and ready to be packed into our suitcase :):)
Stacked and set!
I have always liked the idea of personalizing accessories and this is my first attempt at a newspaper gift bag. I loveddddddddd the idea so much that I'm surely going to make a lot of these and keep them in store for future utility!
Did you like the idea? Don't forget to leave me a comment! :)


  1. Lovely and clever idea..... All the bags are lovely...

  2. Fantastic idea! Loved all of them, very creative and a recycler too:):)

  3. what a thoughtful idea :) wonderful

  4. This is a lovely idea.. Urmi!! so easy.. and simple.. I'll teach the girls this for sure! Thanks for sharing! And have a lovely time at the wedding!!

  5. Recycling! Way to go. good stuff Urmi :-)

  6. Oooh thanks all for the comments !! I just loved the way it turned out - because sometimes new craft ideas can totally crash!! Glad all of you liked it, Patty - I'm sure the girls are going to enjoy it. I'm planning to make a lot more and pass it around for friends too! :)

  7. They're beautiful. And the best part is that they are so eco friendly! Bravo.

  8. I am mom still makes paper pouches and takes them to the local grocer..and also sends in steel canisters to the store..i wish i could do that here in the US to avoid plastic packaging..:)

  9. What beautiful recycled bags. Lovely idea. Way to go.


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