Wednesday 4 May 2011

Green Thumb Decor - Shanthi ~ Part 2

Hope you enjoyed Part 1 of Shanthi's Green Thumb Decor.... Here is the stunning part 2... *wow* Walk along.. these green... stairs!!
All these images are from her family home in Hyderabad!!
Here are some floating beauties!!
Such amazing palms.. !!
Now what do you think about this statue??
This garden is so so gorgeous... I'd love to stay here... *smiles*
Bamboo on the terrace... What a lovely idea??
The floating terrace steps... Are you inspired??
And just.. now.. she sent me two more pictures... Look at the little bloom... She simply wanted to be featured here.. isn't it???
What do you think of the little Buddha!!
Hop over to Shanthi's blog.... and dont forget to tell her how much you enjoyed these pics...
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  1. WOW!!!!!!!! Fantastic home. Enjoying this series as much as the Green Thumb, Patty!


  2. looks like a beautiful home

  3. have a GORGEOUS home in hyderabad...PERFECT PERFECT!...Sorry for the caps, i just felt like screaming for joy...:-)...Pls share more pics...

  4. I am yet to close my gaping & drooling mouth Shanthi! Very very gorgeous! Thanks Patty for this beautiful post

  5. love those floating steps! and the rest of her outdoors...Shanthi you have such good taste!

  6. @ all Thank you all for this overwhelming response. This is a family home which I hope to inherit one day :-) and I was asked by my FIL to do the design and interiors for which I stayed one year in India and helped him finish it. I am happy to see that there is so much positive response from you all.

  7. I loved this just soothes one's mind!

  8. Have u done an inside tour of her place? if the outside is so beautiful! i m waiting to see the interiors!


  9. Very beautiful green home:)

  10. Wow!
    I simply love it, perfect in every way.

  11. Gorgeous! Love that lotus bloom!


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